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  1. I know the Dim Magical Armor upgrade to Roaring isn't in the game yet but is the upgrade for the roaring magical talisman/dagger/ect. available yet? If not, my Dark Spirit isn't giving it to me and I've completed all the quests in Mediah.
  2. Time to upgrade your box my man
  3. Absolutely this, 100%. They keep having bugs like this it's going to scare everyone off.
  4. You weren't the victim of a nasty bug that was preventing people from logging in for several days then.
  5. Yeah... same problems. Dude the amount of bugs in this game is Astronomical.. hope it doesn't end up like 76.
  6. Yeah, it seems they figured out the problem when I was pestering CM Shirna on stream last night. I told him our characters were still logged in and he said they didn't think of that and told GM Altinova.
  7. Lol well, if anyone wants to come join me in the Valencia-1 server in Australia let me know. I thought it would be laggy but so far it's all good and chat isn't as toxic. At least until this all gets sorted out..
  8. Thats definitely what it is, I mentioned it to CM Shirna (the Xbox community manager). He passed it along to GM Altinova.
  9. Btw, I was just able to play on the profile that wasn't connecting by switching my location setting. However, it's whole new Account. My old character isn't on it.
  10. So, it looks like this issue isn't going to be solved until next update or server maintenance. They have no clue what's going on.
  11. What's worse is I think these are automated messages because I got the same response on a ticket word for word.
  12. In the meantime the GMs are too busy battling each other in the game RATHER THAN ACTUALLY HELPING PEOPLE
  13. They don't care... customer service for this game is the worst ive seen yet and I have played my fair share of MMORPGS.
  14. @GM_Hexe @CM Valencia Can we get some help? Please.
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