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  1. One of my friends had his stuff come back for a little bit, then went away again. Seems like its still there, we just can't see it.
  2. There are some towns that you invest in. Like the one near Trent. Starts with a B but I dont remember the name. Once I figured that out it helped a lot.
  3. While I feel your pain I do have to interject a little. The Xbox was meant to be a all in one entertainment system. Games tv apps, always going at some time. My elite system stayed on for years ( the time it came out until the one x came out) now my one x stays on from launch til now. Its always going. Even overnight with apps like youtube and twitch playing inthe background. Now, the only thing that stops me from overnight afk play is getting kicked from the server sometimes. The system can take it.
  4. Thank you for the response. It gives me some peace of mind knowing that the problem is being looked at. You may have read that most, if not all, of us disconnected from the game without logging out the right way. ( home screen then quit, power outage, hard crash to dashboard) As such, we believe that our characters are still logged into the the game. We think that kicking our characters from the game may be a quick fix to get us playing again. Would a list of family names or gamertags be useful in that regard? The other option is maybe a rolling restart of the NA servers. Again, thank you for your acknowledgement. Family: Ravenforge XBL: Ravenforge
  5. When this is all sorted we should form a clan or guild and call ourselves The Exiles or something.
  6. Didn't think of that, I'll try when I get off work.
  7. I even tried having a friend invite me to the game from within the game to try and get the game to realize I wasn't logged in. By the way ,according to his in game list, I'm still logged in.
  8. Still nothing. I'm begining to feel like they dont even look at the forums. And the ticket system they use is pretty broken. I'll try again after work but I dont have high hopes.
  9. Nearly 24 hours since my first post. I still haven't been able to get into the game. Same error as before. Tried off and on all day. My internet is fine, been playing other multi player games all day. Like the other posters I can log on to a different account on the same system. But all of my progress and gear won't carry over. I've spent 100 dollars on this game and I've been playing everyday since the 1st. Why has this not been fixed or even talked about yet. HOW HARD CAN IT BE TO RESTART THE SERVERS JUST TO SEE IF MY THEORY WORKS!
  10. At this point it looks like I'm going to lose a day off my value pack, miss my attendance reward and an event token. Good times.....
  11. I didn't log out, my game hard crashed to dashboard. I don't remember what server it was.
  12. Up to 10 hours and I still can't log in.....can't we just get a rolling restart of the NA servers? I'm almost positive that would fix our issue for now.
  13. Hoping they wake up soon if they are west coast. I don't mind bugs, every game has them. I do mind bugs that keep me from connecting to the game at all.
  14. Its been more then 4 hours since I've encountered this issue. Since then I've done hard resets of both my system and router. I've deleted and reinstalled the game and saved data. Given what other posters have said it seems, to me, to be a disconnect between our xbox live profile and our in game profile. I think our characters are still logged in so every time we try to connect it causes a conflict.
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