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  1. Oddly enough I'm almost positive that's an automated response because.....
  2. Same here but the options are running thin at this point and they aren't telling us anything.
  3. I'm with ParadigmMorph I've been trying to get this error code 400 mess fixed for 3 days now and have heard absolutely nothing from the dev's or anyone able to help. Love the game but this is ridiculously absurd. And no it's not on my end. I can log in on my wifes account from the same xbox with no problems and my account does the same thing on any xbox I've tried (yes I've tried a few dont ask). I can play other games and Microsoft support and my ISP said everything looks great on their end.
  4. Is this a ban and we just didnt get notified?
  5. No response from my ticket and no fix. I agree with ravenforge it's looking grim.
  6. Looking that way. Guess we dont mean enough.
  7. I'm wondering if @[CM]Shirna will help get some attention?
  8. No moderators or anything to respond to or acknowledge problems like this is very disheartening for such a great game.
  9. Haven't responded to mine and yes it is a shame I did enjoy the game and was going to buy some Pearl's to support the dev team and such since the game was only 10 but after this I'm not sure I want to support the game.
  10. Still hoping this gets resolved in time for the event/log in to be obtainable, and I wouldnt argue to some compensation either.
  11. I even tried a different xbox with my account and can't log in with my main account.
  12. Tested that and same here. I can log in on the same xbox using a different profile and am having 0 internet problems.
  13. Game crashed to dashboard last night then this bs started. No answer from any dev's or support no matter where or how hard I try. This is getting old real fast.
  14. I tried that as well and yes same thing. I'm also wondering if this issue is going to roll into the weekend and so far it's looking like it.
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