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  1. Wow good news, will check after get home, thanks pal Update: i can login game , thanks GM, good luck guys
  2. I contact with microsoft and they're pretty sure our purchase is legal
  3. In fact, this kind of bug is regular in mmo. Your character somehow got stuck in server and you cant login. Usually when i used to play Mu online, I contacted Admin to "kick" or refresh that char. But this customer service here dont have any clue but thinking I used illegal card to purchase the game or I sneaky get refund from Microsoft.
  4. Yeah , tried it already, reinstall the game for sure too, no help . btw thanks
  5. No clue and no hope, from the ticket they share nothing.
  6. Anyone got any response yet? My response tell me wait for unknow time while they investigate further. They have no clue to fix i guess. Already submit last ticker and if their answers are not logical I will quit the game. I bought product not begging for it.
  7. We got same problem as your. According to my ticket they think we using illegal visa card and yeah, without officially inform, they banned u from the server like me . Good luck with your case. No hope and trust anymore.
  8. Me too, but what can we do now ? Trying to be positive or fretting ?
  9. Hey friends of same plight, will you please let me know your gametag so i can make friend with you. We are sympathetic to each other. Bugs are usual of gaming but be optimistic. My gametag : NhanXO. Would to see u in game ( soon :D)
  10. With 1 2h gaming everydqy, then got this , i think i should bye bye rum :D. Alcohol is never good
  11. For god sake, im intend to purchase pearl to buy logging for worker, but got this bug, now they make me thinking. Bugs are regular among my games ( get used to FO4 and ESO ...) but this is my first time involve purchasing , real money.
  12. Me too. I sent them 3 receipts through gmail to prove im card is not illegal , double checked to make sure got no refund from Microsoft and found out nothing new. Still out of game but good job guys, at least somethings is moving
  13. 10h with no answer, 10h is enough for a day work, at least they should admit yeah there is a bug, please wait or something else.
  14. Same here. Got stuck 3h . Family name MansaMusa, i submited ticket but no further step
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