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  1. Ok so this is an interesting problem. I switched servers until I found one that the gate was open. It was open on v1. Not sure what kind of game mechanic this is supposed to be.
  2. I'm on the quest Identity of the Artifact: Secret Revealed (1/4) and the Valencia Castle gate is shut, there's no way for me to get in. I've completed the whole Valencia questline on another character and had no problems the first time. If anyone knows of a way that I can progress past this roadblock please let me know. I found a video on YouTube that said it only opens on V2 but it's still closed for me on that server. I'm out of ideas
  3. One of the developers said a few weeks ago that it will be 1080p 30fps on Xbox One and 1440p 30fps on One X.
  4. This is a completely different scenario than with other games because money isn't an issue. Pearl Abyss is opening 2 theme parks for crying out loud.
  5. I just hope they don't rush a release date because this is what always happens: 1) We get a poorly optimized game. 2) Reviews rush out on day 1 which reflect poorly on the game because it was rushed to be released. Then 3) the game has a permanent bad reputation as being a 6/10. That's why I say be patient and let them create a great version for us. It'll be ready when it's ready. Besides, this kind of interaction isn't fun for anybody: "Are we there yet?" CM: "Not yet" "Are we there now?" CM: "No" Etc, etc...
  6. BDO really doesn't have any competition. Tera is literally 9 years old and is very poorly optimized. I just played it on my 1X and got to lvl 20 which is 2 hours of my life that I'll never get back. There's no release date cause the game isn't ready. Let them work, please.
  7. Making this change isn't as simple as adding a potion. The worker system is based on coding which requires the user to be online. I usually watch YouTube on my Xbox until I fall asleep and I set my TV to auto-off every 4hrs, so my Xbox is on all night anyway. Personally, I think it's going to take a re-coding of the worker system for the Xbox to get this issue properly resolved, but until that happens get ready to leave your Xbox running 24/7.
  8. The forums SHOULD be a place where people can discuss game content and offer feedback based on their experiences, share game knowledge and form groups, etc. It only takes a few people to ruin that, however. When people come in here bashing the game because they feel certain classes should be changed to suit their personal preference, the forums become a breeding ground for negativity. This doesn't even take into account the fact that there is a percentage of the population that will create a fake account just to troll forums. In the first case we're going to need class-specific channels so that the whining can be segregated away from serious discussion threads. In the latter case, we should have a function that forces people to have an Xbox Live account when registering for the forum. These two things wont fix the problem completely (because it's a gamer-culture problem) but it would help to ensure that when the whining starts it can be identified and dealt with.
  9. Just go buy an X and then breathe a sigh of relief.
  10. I'd much rather wait and have a finely polished finished product. I don't need a release date, just give it to me when it's ready
  11. Yes, and it also means we might actually get playable servers If the game runs well you don't need to contact anyone lol
  12. If it is, that's really good news for us!
  13. Will BDOXBOX be published by Kakao or is Pearl Abyss handling the publishing for Xbox? I'm really hoping it is the latter thanks!
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