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  1. I enjoy collecting Cron stones from event boxes.
  2. My opinion is that you should chill out a bit. Of course you are going to take your learnings from one project and apply them to the new. To not do so would be silly. Maybe given a second chance the Xbox release schedule would have been different, but we have what we have, and we know what's coming to the end of the year roughly. The Playstation is a different platform with a slightly different player base, both geographically and in numbers. They are going to cater to that in what they see as the most effective way. However they will not do that to the detriment of an already existing, and I suspect profitable, environment, namely us. They will want both to succeed.
  3. It is not and PA have said it won't be. I can't see that changing any time soon.
  4. I also found one whilst gathering near north heidel quarry.
  5. I'm talking about towns, not Kama. Open up any CM and see how long it takes for the NPC icons to appear. Go to a stable NPC and check. Go to your residence door and see how long it takes before you can interact with it. This has increased since the Kama update. It's real.
  6. Well it's not just me. All my Guildies reporting the same thing too. I could try I guess..
  7. With latest update, the loading times of NPCs options, house entrances, model skins/textures etc. have regressed to unacceptable wait times. Being on an Xbox X or installed on an external SSD drive makes little to no difference. some fresh optimisation is desperately required.
  8. This forum has never been very lively. There is reddit of course which is marginally better. I don't think this forum is a reflection of the state of the game, it's simply a reflection of itself. It's never been a place of intelligent game related discourse I'm afraid. A shame.
  9. Face melting Lute Solo Ultimate!
  10. PC players getting the Shai as a new class in a fortnight. A support class with a boomerang? Maybe we will get some missing ones so we don't feel left out? https://www.blackdesertonline.com/shai#none
  11. Although my levels are not as high as the above poster, I pretty much do them all, except horse training. I just haven't got around to it yet. Gathering and Processing are pre-requisites to everything really, and cooking follows naturally because you are always feeding your workers. Cooking led me to try Alchemy, which forced me to up my farming game. I've jumped on the Hunting bandwagon too. My life skills and worker empire, are my silver making substitute for pure grinding. I get bored of grinding after an hour or so, but I will quite happily potter about tending fields, jumping into my house to cook stuff and travel around moving resources for crafting things to sell on the cm. Long term goals are hunting on the seas, making silver so I don't have to go to world bosses much and just seeing how high I can make those levels go. BDO can be played, and enjoyed, in a variety of ways.
  12. It's been mentioned in general, but worth noting here. Bug: No trading quests available at Trade managers (non-imperial) STR: 1) Go to any Trade Manager NPC and ensure all quests are turned on 2) Open interaction with NPC and note that no quests are available Possibly related to whatever issue there is with imperial trading and what has been disabled, but these are not imperial trading NPC's
  13. On a side note to this, how do you play the fail skill mini game when using horse skills? I can't understand it. It's very embarrassing when I fall off my horse skidding to a halt in a crowded city. 😛
  14. I don't want to sound heartless but it's ironic that you tag support as 'careless' when it was yourself that was careless. As for being able to reverse such an action you possibly overestimate the powers of a Support client. I imagine they could create a +100 valks and put it in your inventory but I doubt they could just reverse it. Either way doing so opens up the floodgates to all sorts of spurious claims and abuse. i feel for you but you should be more careful in the future with valuable assets.
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