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  1. So uh are we getting something for not being able to play 2 days plus. I bought the 15 day pack and that's days wasted..
  2. i really appreciate the customer support team for doing absolutely nothing to help us all out. Shows alot of class on their part and they must all be very good at their job. Thank you so much for all the timely responses to our tickets that arent automated at all and for providing us with an actual solution. I really enjoy paying 100 dollars for something and not being able to use it. Wow I'm so excited to see what the future of your company has for us! Great job guys
  3. Bro what are you talking about I just wanna play my game.
  4. This is crazy like where are all the customer support people? I'm sure they all are aware of this and we cant even get 1 response in the forums.. We missing out on alot right now I barely got to play with the patch.
  5. I have got 2 responses from them the first one told me to screenshot my detailed network statistics clearly there is nothing wrong with my internet they must not want to admit it's a bug. The second one asked if I had got a refund from microsoft yet lmaoo. Why would I contact black desert if I canceled my game I dont want a refund I just want to play the game I spent 100 dollars on... I have no idea why we all have this problem or why it hasnt been fixed yet I really dont want to start all over.
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