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  1. Region: NA Family: Tyrenious Character: HashassiNate Twitter link: https://twitter.com/mrluvzmula/status/1280991717127307266?s=19
  2. I'm curious if the shai was released for PC and Xbox why doesn't Xbox get the same leveling rewards for 58 and 60 as PC? 500mil and 60fs would be a nice reward.
  3. (NA) We are a PvX guild in NA, a group of quality individuals that will fight for each other and help when called on. We want members that will do the same and be active. Our members consist of new and Veteran players. We enjoy talking **** and having fun together. Requirements: 1. Be active. 2. Voice chat (mic not required, must be able to hear) 3. Willingness to PvP. 4. Show up for guild events (GvG, Node wars, guild missions). 5. Level 56+ w/400 gs or higher 6. No toxic behavior will be tolerated or you will be removed. What we do: 1. PvP (red battlefield, GvG and Node wars) 2. Guild missions, world and field bosses. 3. We have guild buffs (+5 AP, +5 DR, +4 Acc, +1 Gathering, and 25% Siege weapon resistance) If interested hop in our discord chat and put your family name in parentheses for your nickname, or just DM me. https://discord.gg/DBrHHbw
  4. <Reforged> is a dedicated PvX guild with PC Veteran leadership that is looking for more members to add to our roster. Having fun is top priority, so we joke around in chat and whatever else to lighten the mood. We want people who are going to be active. Guild quests/missions require max participation and voice chat is required only when running scrolls or missions with the guild, other than that it's at your own discretion. We have a discord but currently use party chat. Our goal is to build up enough dedicated members to help us become a viable guild in our quest to earn a node from the Node wars and beyond, if you feel this might be the guild for you add my GT "NycZ Fynest85" and message me or contact me in game "Reddeyez" or an officer "Delsia" and "Blazing". Our guild is located on Balenos 2 so if you wish to join head to that server for an invite after you have contacted one of us.
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