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  1. Can a GM /CM please contact me
  2. For 4 days now i have not been able to log in. After using the storage vendor in calpheon my game froze. I restarted the game, tried logging back in. After i select my account, server character, then get through the loading screen, the black spirit icon loads in left corner of screen like im going to log in, i can hear the NPC's in the market then, i auto disconnect. My internet is Comcast Gig speed my download is around 900mpbs, My upload is around 40mbps. My NAT type is open. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game twice now. I have power cycled my xbox one x. I have reset my modem and router. I am hard line connected to the internet. I can not log in with an alt character. But i can log in using my brothers account. Please help i have been missing out on progression and all your events for 4 days now. I have submitted mutiple tickets. This has to be an issue directly with my account and/or the game. I can play for hours on my brothers account. I have spent 200$ on this game not including my brothers copy. I'm a dedicated player and i'm missing out on enjoying the launch of the game with my guild.
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