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  1. i keep getting this notice, and suddenly can not get into the game. i have been playing the past few hours & now am unable to get in. @CM_Valtarra @CM Trent @CM Valencia @anyonethatcanexplain/fix
  2. greatly appreciate you taking the time, but the link just brings me back to my thread
  3. Anyone with any info, advice, instructions, how-to get petals, where to get petals, anything of use on how i can get this accomplished, would be greatly appreciated.
  4. So i gave the fairy queen my petals & did all the rest. now it says i need 10x petals just to get my very FIRST fairy. i was told i only needed 2, everyone else just needed 2, why do i need 10? i just want a bloomin fairy, why overcomplicate this? on top of the nonsense that has ensued i can't get a single petal to drop, it's been 3 days. what the hell is going on?
  5. is anyone else getting an Invalid Access to This Page. Please try it again later. confirm box when trying to submit a ticket? been trying to submit info requested by @CM Valencia since yesterday. it's day 15 since we've been unable to get ingame because we continue to get the Failed to download additional data. Please try again. or the Downloading additional data. 99% (where it just stays.) or the verifying patch this could take several minutes to complete. (where it just stays) they finally started trying to help us on the 13th. now i can't submit a ticket to respond to the info requested by @CM Valencia so yesterday i tried to use the contact us at the bottom of the forums & it said i am forbidden. blacklisted. not this nonsense again. i thought this was finally resolved a week or so ago. @CM Valencia i never received the email that you said yesterday was sent. i am unable to submit a ticket to reply to your requested info. i tried sending it to community@xbox... but have received no response. this is so frustrating. you guys finally start to help & now this! come on this is so absurd. please get whatever is forbidding me from submitting tickets sorted asap. is it not enough that we've been locked out of the game for 15 days?
  6. sorry to hear that anyone else is having to endure this. this is day 11 for us. it's funny you tried that because we've tried the other way. we dwnld'd originally straight to internal, so then i thought well let's try this uninstall reinstall with a SSD. nope same story. obviously they f'd something up, & in typical dbag style like all online game developers it seems they're just going to ignore us until next update. who cares about the players right. but hey, my tickets have been escalated for investigation... for the fourth time. so surely that means something... right.🤣
  7. @[CM]Shirna what is going on?!? 9 days now my children & i have been locked out of this game. since updating to on the 3rd of april. we have not returned or had anything refunded. i feel like we have been banned, tho they have not told us so & i would have absolutely no clue as to why. prior to we had zero problems. since updating we have been locked out entirely. i have literally exhausted every single option on my end, the only thing that would make any sense at this point is some extremely scummy behind the scenes stuff going on like has been highlighted in this thread. which this thread has made abundantly clear is without a doubt going on. get it together PA or you're about to get a class action lawsuit from a very disturbed consumer base that you are screwing over in a most heinous fashion.
  8. @[CM]Shirna did you guys change NAT requirements or settings in the update? if not then that shouldn't be an issue.
  9. how does one check to see if they have a shared account? as far as i'm aware we don't but i'd like to check.
  10. so another day of bdo not working & this is the latest bit on offer from a GM none the less. here is what i woke up to today from a GM "my name is GM ____ of Black Desert XBOX Team. Thank you for contacting us and it would be a pleasure to assist you with your concern. We apologize for the inconvenience. I understand that you were unable to patch the Black Desert. In this, kindly try to clear the cache of the game. To do so: 1. Press the XBOX Button on your controller 2. Select My games & Apps 3. Highlight Black Desert and click the menu button on your controller 4. Select Manage Game & Add-ons 5. Scroll down to Saved Data 6. Select Black Desert 7. Select Clear Reserved space. If the problem still persists, kindly send us another ticket with a screenshot of the error that you are receiving. Should you have other concerns or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us again. Sincerely, GM ____" is this for real? this is beyond belief. do you seriously think we havn't done that a million times already in the past 8 days? obviously they have not done a single second worth of reviewing our situation. you can not have read a single other ticket, this is like the 7th i believe on this matter. i've also posted 5 or so posts on the forum. so needless to say this was insulting at best. my acct has been linked since the 24th of march just fyi, my 3 children linked their accts a couple of days later. please review all my submitted tickets concerning this issue before replying to our problem, & responding with the first suggestion that was offered up 8 days ago by CM Shirna in a reply to one of my forum posts. GM ____ this was just shameful & lazy. i mean how do you think we havn't already tried this? a quick glance at my forum posts from 4/3 would have saved you the time of this absurd reply. i have previously sent a video to help. also sent a specific pic that was requested just yesterday! if you would have actually taken the time to review our "case" you would have known all this. so how about someone actually try really helping us for a change. how about you actually review all of my tickets concerning the issue my children & i have had since updating to, on 4 different xbox one s consoles, on the 3rd. how about using our linked accounts to try to determine the problem? and again, perhaps you might wanna look at all the information we have provided you over the passed 8 days of not being able to get in game at all. money well spent huh. link to the video i sent a few days ago https://1drv.ms/v/s!Ap9R3N1l0tt5gTZGp033XEwLoOWY (link to a 13 sec video of the problem) now how bout you or someone actually review all this we've sent you & actually help us.
  11. @Rayvunous aloha & mahalo for the suggestion, been giving it a go for a couple hours or so. for us when we sign out it just kicks us back to dashboard to sign in again. when you jump back to BDO it shows a notice saying disconnected from xbox live due to timeout. please try again. so we do & it starts us on the same road. Downloading additional data, then either downloads to 50/69/99% then to the fsiled to dwnld add data, &/or goes to the Patch data is being verified. this may take several minutes to complete. then nothing. there has been a difference in we are getting the Notice Failed to download additional data less & instead going to the Patch data is being verified much more often. but, that's where it ends. it just stays there. again we greatly appreciate you taking the time to try & help us. we are open to any other suggestions. mahalo nui loa
  12. @[CM]Shirna it's saturday & my kids & i are still unable to even get ingame. it's just a never ending cycle of Failed to download additional data. please try again later. i've done everything i know to do. even gone so far as resetting my console, uninstalling/reinstalling, tried 2 different networks & 2 diff hotspots, cleared reserve/hard restart/restart now/restart console/full shutdown so many times, tried 4 diff accts on 4 diff consoles, tried restarting networks, tried disconnecting completely from multiple networks & completely starting fresh, have tried changing ports, updated other mmo games(with no problem), have literally tried everything i know to do on my end so many times it's crazy. i just want my kids to be able to play, they were so stoked for the new classes & now this. any suggestions/help/advice/stabs in the dark/longshots/or hailmary's are welcome & appreciated.
  13. well lucky you i, upon the not so helpful advice of one of the CMs, uninstalled aaaagain & reinstalled lastnight. Same Story. 100+ Gigabytes of our monthly data used >since< updating to just trying to get back into the game. the update will not go passed 99%... it just sits there, as it is currently since i woke up... as it has since updating at 9/10am on the 3rd. this is now the beginning of the third day, its been over 47 hours since me & mine have been able to get in game at all. we didn't pay for 4 copies of the game to not be able to play. you get that right? this is sooo inexcusable & soooo unacceptable. why are you not doing anything to resolve the issue you caused? why are we being ignored? why are you just telling a family you don't give a damn by your lack of communication & action? why are we being screwed over & held accountable for your screw up? @[CM]Shirna @[CM] Serena @[GM]Kusha @[CM]Florin what do i tell my kids when they wake up & ask if it's working? what do i say to them so they aren't utterly disappointed for the 3rd straight day because of this?
  14. @[CM]Shirna @[GM]Kusha @anyone who can get this utter nonsense resolved asap. i mean come on now, this would be ludicrous... but it's neither laughable or hilarious... it's just extremely infuriating. we want to play the game that we spent hard earned fiat currency on, this is sooo unacceptable. this has been ongoing for at least 27 hours now. me & mine have not been able to so much as get in game (on 4 diff xbox one s) since updating to yesterday around 9/10am. also i keep getting these ridiculous spam filters saying i'm forbidden. blacklisted. trying to post to often or some hogwash. so stop blocking me or fix your garbage filter because it's trash.
  15. aloha, & mahalo for the suggestion. i have tried that multiple times today. tried again just now, just for the hell of it. same story. so just to be thorough i tried doing as you suggested + restarting my xbox. same story then tried as you suggested + restarting + clearing reserve again (which it needed... why idk). same story tried as you suggested + doing a restart now from the xbox settings menu + clearing reserve again. same story tried clearing reserve + fully shutting down xbox via the xbox settings + checking to see if reserve needed to be cleared again (it didn't this time). same story have tried everything. we have been running 4 consoles since the 2/3 of march & playing multiple hrs daily with no problems other than those to be expected with mmo's on consoles. this only became an issue for each console(4) today after the update. sometimes it doesn't give the Failed notice, but says it's Downloading additional data.(gets to) 99% & then it just does nothing. it just stays on 99% @[CM]Shirna
  16. well aren't all of you fortunate. me & mine havn't even been able to get into the game since updating over 8 hours ago! since updating we keep getting the downloading additional data msg & then constantly getting a Notice saying Failed to download additional data. please try again later. this has been going on since 9-10am c time. wth is happening? & why has it taken so long to remedy?
  17. i havn't even been able to get into the game since updating around 8! hours ago. i'm continuously get the msg downloading additional data that goes immediately into a notice box saying Failed to downlosd additional data. please try again later. 8+ hours later it's still the same. wth is going on? @CM Valencia
  18. that makes sooo much sense. lol
  19. is Trent's node mngr? i've looked high & low & can't seem to locate.
  20. aloha just started playing BDO on the 2nd. was in dire need of a new adventure & wow does this tic all the boxes! lol went zerk with 1st character but anxiously awaiting the new classes. on most days for hours & hours, gimmie a shout if we happen to cross paths Gurzal Fojun - zerk character name Solaira Ayanil - archer character name Vibranium - fam name VibraniumSH1ELD xbx gmtg
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