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  1. Dude it happened again! Had like 50 more items needed to complete and all the progress is just gone At this point I'm operating at a huge loss with no return Nd spending all my time just gathering.
  2. Further issues. I have 35 flax in my storage. When I go to use a worker, certain ones show 0 flax in storage.
  3. Region: North America Server: Calpheon-1 Bug description had most of the supplies completed and delivered to the Epheron shipyard for the ship registration: fishing boat. Went out to gather the remaining 10 usable scantling. Dropped it in storage and went to the crafting menu. Only to see everything missing other than what was still being delivered. So the 176 item cost somehow dwindle to 6 usable scantling. It's not in my inventory or storage as a completed item. as well, if possible, can I get a refund on the items? I'm not asking for a finished one, I'd still like to put in the work.
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