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  1. Azuki

    Dev Notes #1

    Youre prob not gonna get a email. If it said it went through after u hit submit u should be good. Also you should delete your email from your post
  2. Azuki

    Sorc Gameplay video

    Being able to do abilities and moving at the same time is super important. But to people like me who have little to no pc experience, certain things won't bother us as much because we don't have pc to compare it to. Brand new game in my eyes, but there's standards we need in a game. I do think some great questions are being asked though
  3. Azuki

    Remove forum ranking

    They have more stuff to do then babysit people on the forums. It will be more mods here when the games out. I agree it could be better but I don't expect much at this point in development. What we can change is our own behaviors.
  4. Azuki

    Remove forum ranking

    Its not his fault people act like they dont have any sense
  5. Azuki

    Character Videos

    I just want a answer. Dont really want all the jokes and stuff to stream into this topic
  6. Azuki

    Character Videos

    @[CM] Simon Are we getting a video on every class?
  7. Azuki

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    Painting will be my #1 life skill 2. Kidnapping afk fishers (if need be)
  8. Azuki

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    My favorite thing will be painting
  9. Azuki

    Status Update!

    1. Combat/Controls 2. Afk mechanics 3. Family Name
  10. Azuki

    Situation about next delay

    What do you want to accomplish here?
  11. Azuki

    Beta Registration

    We don't know if it didn't save we're doing it just in case
  12. Azuki

    Should I?

    Yeah best not to assume in that game XD. Also watch out for invaders
  13. Azuki

    Question for simon

    That would be interesting
  14. Azuki

    Status Update!

    You should add some of your ideas and thoughts here
  15. Azuki

    Status Update!

    I have a feeing family name might be tied to our gamertags