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  1. Im not sure if the chat part has been addressed yet, but I agree that there should be a option to disable chat.
  2. Azuki

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    I understand. I just dont want people to get the wrong idea about certain mechanics. Theres plenty of other stuff to do, but i would at least stay prepared.
  3. Azuki

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    The end game is pvp centric. You dont have a choice. If your out and somebody wants to attack you they can. One thing i seen in the beta is that one group of people asked another if they wanted to grind together. In actuality most of the time (imo) late game you will have to fight for that spot. During beta people would come and mess up rotations while i was grinding. That's not flying if I can get rid of you.
  4. Azuki

    Good job translating

    We are getting a different/revamped version of the story
  5. Azuki

    Good job translating

    If anyone doesn't know they had to translate the game from korean to english. That's a hard thing to do and a good job was done.
  6. Azuki

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    You dont have to actively/willfully pvp, but prepare for pvp and those situations. If you just want to pve then get in the way of someone grinding, your probably gonna get flagged on if you dont leave.
  7. Azuki

    Search Bar

    Please use the search bar to avoid the same question being asked daily
  8. Azuki

    Searching For Rolepalyers

    Its great what you are doing but please do not spam it.
  9. Azuki

    Pitfalls to consider avoiding

    For me it would be about 9 yrs
  10. Azuki

    Pitfalls to consider avoiding

    Yeah to those of us who have been paying for it for more than half a decade its normal. I know initially that is why some people went pc or ps (maybe nintendo). But other companies are starting to slowly lean towards a similar model, at least console wise. Also, I would like to state that since we pay for xbox live, a lot of stuff is not tolerated. I've heard of cases of abuse on pc by people, on xbox your account will be suspended and/or banned for racism, bullying, and harassing people.
  11. Something I found out last month was that its against the rules to tag the staff on here. I felt bad initially because I did it a lot in the past. Its stated that they try to read as much as possible. Just wanted to leave that here.
  12. On the pc forums they made it so where you have to actually own the game to create topics in the main sections except bug reports (You can still comment I think). Maybe down the line it can be the same here, to counter bots and fake accounts.
  13. I added in what i meant above, because the original text was misunderstood. ESO will also be getting purged.
  14. Azuki

    Search Bar

    Don't let the bots fool you. The search bar lives.. At the top right of the screen