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  1. Its been a fun year, and I hope everyone who helped start the community can play tonight. Everyone Enjoy 👍🏾 We Are Here !!!
  2. What do u want him to do? I dont see why everyone thinks simon can just release the game and info when ever he wants. I've been here since pretty much day 1 and now a days its just people being selfish and not even thinking of others. And people have been at a highly toxic level as of late.
  3. @Deathz Angel I see where your coming from, but black desert is a pvp centric game. I made a discussion topic months ago to see what people thought.
  4. The report button used to work, until some people abused it. Idk if it was disabled or not.
  5. I know its easy. I just don't agree that they should have to work on the weekend just bc some clown wants to spam the forums when they know the cm's are off
  6. People have a life. They aren't responsible for the forums 24/7 7 days a week. And a spam feature was added to try and combat this type of stuff. It isn't the cm's fault people can't control them selves and not spam the forums. I think someone is doing it for attention. Its such a coincidence that it happens most of the time right when their weekend starts.
  7. Are you actually reading what a good number of us are saying? The main question being asked is will it releases this year. And i don't know if you know but its December 3rd, 2018. Edit: Also, to say its a problem with the attitude of a console community is ignorant.
  8. Azuki


    My friend is missing. Let me know if you have any info on him, or have seen him. Last seen with these men (I know waiting is getting frustrating but lets not get ourselves too depressed)
  9. For anyone that is worried that people are asking for them to release an unfinished product. We are not. The highlight of this post is to let the community know what to expect. The main question is will the game be out this year. I think that we should try to stick on this question as a community.
  10. It was advertised to come out earlier this year. We have already stated that we understand that the game was harder to complete than previously thought. Here is my evidence to one of the original and official time frames given.
  11. I think you're missing the point that is being made. I do not care when it releases. I do care about knowing when it will release. Like previously stated, to some people this is the only game they bought/upgraded their xbox's for. And calling someone a kid and saying they are not entitled to state their opinion in a peaceful manner is wrong in my opinion.
  12. Everyone has a right to feel a certain way about it. For those of us who have been here constantly for a while we feel it more. Edit: Cm's don't apply to what we're talking about. Simon has been trying to get info for us from day 1.
  13. Im personally hoping that Pa releases Musa earlier than when it released for SEA.
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