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  1. I know were all getting restless about the information flow, but dont blame simon. Hes a community manager not a high executive stuff has to be cleared by someone before he can talk about it. They were also put in a bad situation because people kept assuming release dates
  2. maybe i would reconsider going again if it was. I went last year and when i say it was packed it was packed
  3. @[CM] Simon Will Black Desert Online be at E3 this year?
  4. That makes sense, since theres no trading between players
  5. Thats unfortunate. Thnx for letting me know
  6. I ask this because in eso you can be in 5.
  7. If trading isnt a thing let me know please
  8. If you dont have people to play with on ps4 might as well switch. If you have friends who will for sure play with you, you could wait. Mmo wise playing with/meeting new people is more fun sometimes imo
  9. Bruh im just about ready to jump back into eso too. I just h8 how pressured you are to buy eso+ for efficient crafting
  10. Azuki

    Mouse & keyboard

    None of us are completely right or wrong. Don't apologize for your opinion please. We just feel strong about certain stuff. Thats the beauty of a forum. We get to see everybody's viewpoint.
  11. Azuki

    Mouse & keyboard

    I completely understand where you're coming from, but they should learn to use a controller. I get that it might be hard to play initially but thats the cost of them switching to console, i dont think it will take long to get used too. Im against it mainly because with a keyboard you would be able to map a lot more stuff than a regular xbox controller. I wouldn't be made if they made a special keyboard and mouse that did not allow people to map any more or less than a regular controller. That would be fair i think, but that is a good amount of work to do. As long as game play is universally kept fair they can do whatever.
  12. Next. Some people will choose Tera/Eso over Bdo. Please keep reading. Tera is free so people/younger kids will naturally gravitate towards it just like they do in smite and warframe. Yes i personally do not like tera played it for 10-20 minutes then uninstalled it because i was not a fan to the graphics and UI. People will choose Eso because some people have invested years of there life and years of money into Eso. Eso is very simple and does not take much skill to play. Also it is relatively cheap. Believe it or not there is a community of gamers who suffer from motion sickness while playing games. Eso is a preferred game for some of them.
  13. First and foremost thank you Simon for answering that question.
  14. Azuki

    Mouse & keyboard

    Keyboard chat is ok. Anything else would make the game unbalanced in skill level imo. Also ive played a good range of games. Xbox does have people who DDoS and in Eso bots are a huge problem in that game. Definitely a no to cross platform play for this game. Also does anyone know if were doing mega servers(Were its a choice between Na or Eu) like Eso.
  15. I know this has been said, but they are losing out on people going to tera/returning to eso.
  16. I think they (pearl abyss) are only working xbox and mobile
  17. And honestly any news is good news. Even if its there still working on it.
  18. Just venting. But are there any reasons why they dont like/dont want to release any information? Its starting to feel like scalebound. Got everybody excited just to be cancelled. Is it for sure coming out this year?
  19. Also all guilds are open to join the club.
  20. Drop your gt and i will send a inv. Hello my fellow patient people. I started a Xbox club called Black Desert Online Legends. Its open to anyone who wants to join. I am aiming at starting a community where we will have access to help fast in the NA region. I also plan on starting a guild when the game releases. I've been in/ran more than enough guilds, tribes, etc... to know the do's and dont's. Everyone's welcome, and hopefully the game releases soon. Gt = Azuki5
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