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  1. I might or might not delete everything 🤣 I have plenty of room for games. What I mean is what games that are trash ** For Honor are you purging from your console storage.
  2. There has been a closed beta test for a month, there working on making it as good as possible imo. I also would recommend upgrading bc the og one has problems sometimes in large scale battles in eso.
  3. Those of us who play xbox only are used to paying for xbox live imo. And since the only big mmo we have is eso, which also has a sub like thing (eso plus $15, monthly) it doesn't look as bad to me. I would suggest if your fully investing in this solely for bdx, buy the 1 year of xbox live. You will save money in the long run.
  4. I was gone for 10 hours and it signed me out.
  5. I tested it again overnight and my console automatically signed me in when i turned it on. Im going to do it again, but this time turn off auto sign in.
  6. Every time it looks like. Im going to test it over night with the same game and see what results i get. Everyone should test this and say what they get.
  7. Yo. It wasn't that it turned off all the way. It signed me out of my xbox live account.
  8. I was playing a game on xbox, put my xbox on sleep mode, and left out for about 45 min. When I came back I was signed out of xbox live already. Is there a option that anyone knows about that prevents this from happening?
  9. That made me think maybe zerk can't hang in that environment. I also think a 3v3 queue would be fun. The colosseum arena makes it even better.
  10. Not saying your wrong, but keep in mind pa spent more than a year remastering the game. Also, Xbox has the best online service bc we pay for it imo. I just don't want free stuff, because usually with free stuff comes mediocrity .
  11. You're actually signed out of Xbox live when you leave a game on with no activity after a certain amount of time. Also, I like the aspect of afk but I just want the system to work. Unless Microsoft changes it so I dont get signed out for being afk it looks impossible.
  12. I can't find it. It doesn't look like it was recorded
  13. I watched the 3v3 tournament at twitchcon this pass weekend, and was even more pumped for release for us. If anyone else seen it, what are your thoughts on how it played out/pvp? I noticed that I can definitely see bezerker having trouble in that environment.
  14. I got yall https://youtu.be/3YxaaGgTQYM
  15. For the new people (or people who don't know) there's a search bar in the top right corner of the page. You can search key words there and if it that word was mentioned in a topic it will show up. Please use it to avoid spam/ the same post being rewrote daily.
  16. I was wondering why there was no news last week 🤣 🤣 🤣
  17. Aslo, will na servers be in the us/ who is hosting them?
  18. I have some questions about TwitchCon next week. 1. Should we be on the look out for anything (Like interviews, panels, and such), and if so on which day? 2 For the tournament (i know its pc), what day is it, and will it be live streamed?
  19. I've been predicting Oct 27th for news for about 2 months. I think beta will be like the 1st or 2nd week of November. It being twitch con makes me believe it more considering kakao (yes, i know kakao isn't publishing bdx) is the top (Diamond) sponsor of twitch con this year. Just my opinion. If anyone thinks anything else I'm open to fun theories. 😀 Btw, they're doing a $10,000 bdo tournament there also.
  20. It ended last Monday. Maybe this weeks dev note will include some stuff, if available
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