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  1. The game was designed for us to fight over limited resources. I think their position is pretty clear.
  2. I'm a lifeskiller and PVP monkey. I play too much. And I'm mostly into gathering, processing and my worker empire. I've also dabbled in cooking, alchemy and fishing.
  3. There's literally a 0% chance that the guy who wrote the OP has 530gs.
  4. They did. It was a way for them to give you more of an incentive to buy outfits to melt. Now it only costs 10 crons to protect duo green armor from degrading when going for tri. They are very short sighted - they wanted people to dump more money into the game asap without thinking about the overarching effect that introducing tet/pen would have on the game. I already know of several people who quit. And this is coming from someone with multiple pieces of tet gear who didn't get crushed by negative variance and won't feel the effects of the widening gap between geared and non geared players. But I realize that I may be in the minority. I was just really enjoying the attrition based PVP and the fact that everyone's gear was starting to even out - skill was pretty important. Now when I face players from top guilds it almost solely comes down to whoever can CC the other first. And again I know all of this was inevitable but I think a more conservative approach to gear progression would have been better for the long term health of the game.
  5. I calculated the cron cost of just what I saw on his Muskans and it was ~$8,500. I think he's easily spent more than 20k on the game and I also think it's just pennies to him. I also wouldn't play the TET game without back-ups. If I thought there was a chance I'd end up running around with PRI weapons/armor I'd never attempt it. Also, focus on one piece at a time.
  6. I don't know if that's abysmal luck, seems par for the course. I 1 tapped kzarka and essentially 30 tapped a bunch of **** and ended up with a tet heve helmet. At one point i had full tri grunil, multiple tri heve and full tri taritas that I was rouletting. Whichever popped I was going to wear. I ended up with a tet heve helmet.
  7. I got my kzarka to tet but I think it was too soon. I think what's likely to happen is that they'll see a quick influx of cash from the whales but the people who can't realistically get tet/pen and even all tri are going to see the gap widen quickly, get stomped and start to leave the game. In the short-term it's good for PA but in the long-term it's probably not great. But it was also inevitable.
  8. lol were in the same guild, gzzzzzz dude
  9. +15 on reblath/milita, +20 on +9 horsegear, +26-29 trying to duo green armor after that I'm not sure. The only way I've built stacks past that is failing duo accessories/tri green gear that I actually wanted to hit.
  10. AP and DP brackets are still in the game, renown isn't.
  11. I use militia weapons now - works just as well and now cheaper.
  12. Bruh I miss Apex Legends. A ping system in this game would be unreal.
  13. You need to come to terms with the fact that a very large number of our species are irredeemable douche bags. Once you do it becomes easier to ignore the chat.
  14. I'll have 205 AP once I get my Bhegs to TRI because I do not think using an AP offhand without at least Kzarka and Bhegs makes any sense at all. Even once I TRI my Bhegs I'm not sure switching out my Saiyer with Oros makes sense without at least one TRI RCE. Not to mention 205 is short of the 209 AP bracket, so I'd probably need to upgrade somewhere else as well to make it worth it. And no offense to Grammaticus but I can't imagine that it's correct to use an AP offhand with Lhan. Don't you want as much accuracy as possible?
  15. You mean blue and stones since for whatever reasons blues are always the cheapest - especially crimson flame variants.
  16. Meh, I agree with him and I'm sitting at 472. I'm not bored and I don't mind them taking it slow. Packing years worth of content into a couple months is going to be overwhelming for the vast majority of the player base.
  17. It honestly loving sucks. My buddy has a level 49 witch that he just sits there and autos with - I'm pretty jealous. I have a level 55 wiz alt with 366 gs that get's one comboed by players in rival guilds with 460 gs.
  18. Because I get 2-3 gold bars every time and understand loot tables. Edit: Well, obviously not every time. But it's the easiest way to know where you stand. Sometimes I won't get gold bars but will get 5 black stone armor or 3 black stone weapon. This should help.
  19. It depends on your budget and if you feel like enhancing stuff yourself. We're on an accelerated timeline right now and we will be getting Valencia soon and with it new BiS accessories. I'm personally a proponent of keeping the 3-set effect of Asula as I don't really think it's worth to fully break the set up unless you've got extremely deep pockets. Plus, as a Warrior you can make use of hybrid accessories and the 300 hp. I've personally been smashing a lot of my Asula together on low failstacks with relative success and am enjoying my TRI Asula rings which function as budget TRI Red Coral Rings and my TRI Asula Necklace which function as a budget DUO Ancient Guardian's Seal. But I'm also a Zerker and can make use of the pre-awakening DP. I think the "budget" way to increase AP through accessories right now is some combination of TRI Blue Coral Earrings, TRI Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator and TRI Belt of Shultz the Gladiator. They're all relatively cheap and you can enhance them yourself. You could also go for TRI Sealed accessories but that grind is tedious and not really worth the stacks. Of course this is all just my opinion. But I don't think it's worth it to go broke going for stuff like TRI Witch's, TRI MoS, TRI Ogre and etc. when you'll want to save money for Valencia and especially the night vendor when it's made available. Now if you have like 3 billion + silver then by all means roll the dice.
  20. Also I have a field boss wizard alt with 213 DP and when rival guilds are there I get absolutely melted. That's not a serious DP right now, you'll get melted by anyone with TRI main/off hands in the blink of an eye.
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