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  1. We’d be glad to have you! It’s good to finally have another musa around! Please use the discord link to join our discord where we can answer quest and have a general good time!
  2. Hi I’m an officer in the guild. Please feel free to join the discord through the link found earlier in the thread!
  3. Hi! I’m an officer for the guild, please use the discord link found in this thread to join us on the discord! Hope you do end up joining when the game comes out!
  4. Hi, I previously played pc and took part in endgame pvp with a relatively small guild consisting of my friends and family. However I am looking to join a strong guild in order to get a better position of power on the console servers with the hope of becoming a known name in the pvp scene. I would be very happy to join your guild for a trial period although I will be looking at other guilds during the build up to release. I focused on the ninja and musa classes on pc however I’m worried that the tech (things like animation cancellations) won’t be easy to transfer to a controller and am currently researching into the Valkyrie. EDIT: oh and my gamer tag is “ragicanemperor” EDIT2: your discord link has expired by the way
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