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  1. Ok clown have a good night all right buddy. Sleep tight.
  2. Lol ok bud take it easy no need to be a **** I'm legit trying to figure something out here. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Not trying to sound elitist or anything just stating facts. I just need to know does it stack with regular AP and no one seems to know.
  4. If that's the case why are no guilds factoring it into gear score requirements? Like I'd be at 474 instead of 454 that's a big difference....
  5. Yes this. I have 5 ap from guild, weapon, subweapon, and grunnil. So does that mean my AP is actually 20 higher than it shows? Should that factor into gear score? I feel like I hit a lot harder than what my inventory AP shows....
  6. Hi everyone I am curious as to how hidden ap is calculated into your regular AP. I might just suck at googling but I couldn't find anything. For example I have 20 hidden ap, how does that factor into my regular AP? Is it just a percentage boost or something? Thanks.
  7. Game is crashing on loading screen where you see the rocks. Will not go past this screen. Any ideas? Thank you.
  8. Please add me on xbox itskbb would like to talk about your guild. Currently 440 berserker with 440 sorc with me
  9. itskbb


    In group PvP you should probably be focusing people who arent paying attention to distract for kills since we are so tanky but it depends on your guild set up. We won node wars on Monday using a strat like this.
  10. The guy you're supposed to conplete it with is the arms dealer in altinova, are you sure You talked to the blacksmiths at helms again? I think you had to talk to them twice
  11. itskbb


    Certain classes can teleport out of them if the timing is perfect. I have had it happen many time. It kinda seems to be a bit of luck doing grabs tbh.
  12. I run 2 grunnel and 2 zereth for the recovery and damage
  13. Sharps and hards are so rare right now was just wondering when we'd be able to melt down accessories. Thanks.
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