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  1. this quest you get in calph does not actually have a npc to buy the special ham from. on the pc once you get this quest you need to wait till around 7am server time and go into the market area right by the armor and weapon vendor and talk to a merchant that will then sell you the special ham, but when you actually go and look the merchant is not even there. on the pc he is at lease there and will say come back at another time or in the morning but on the xbox i think he is not even in the game at all. can a gm or dev actually look into this and see whats going qu on with this quest?
  2. so i noticed at around lvl 45/ 50 the wiz and witch get a spell that revives dead players which is something we had on the pc also. so once you hit that lvl it even says on the xbox that the spell has been learned but yet when you go to check its not there. any idea whats going on with this as i am not sure if its just not in the game yet or a bug.
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