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  1. Gt: riddledfil Lvl: 56 sorc main gs 300+ Would like to join the guild I'm always active an online an I'm in it for the long run
  2. U might have to submit a ticket on here or call customer support some other person was having the same problem on the forums
  3. Name(xbox/family/character: Gt: riddledfil Family: SurveyCorps Character name: Mr_Hyde Level: 56 sorc Have you played PC BDO? Yes Activity level and what kind of activities are you looking for? (Pvp pve lifeskill etc): Nodewars and pve, lifeskills when not at war or pvp Anything else we should know?: just looking for a Family/guild to have a good time yet be very competitive an continue to get better an keep learning new things. Discord: riddledfil#2694
  4. Hold the power button for 10 secs till it turns off
  5. They did have maintenance thing going on maybe that has something to do with it when i logged on 2day i had a weird problem with not being able to open the game at all but i did a hard restart on the xbox an it fixed it maybe give that a try
  6. What does it say when you try opening the game?
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