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  1. Ofcourse they will, with the lack of information and no set release date I’m sure it will. If the game is to come “summer-ish” why don’t they have a set release date down. Red dead 2 has a release date and that’s more than 5 months away but a game that’s coming out apparently in the next two to three months doesn't , that’s crazy
  2. RGxR


    I just want the game to come out before the summer tbh
  3. RGxR


    Yes, tho I will be looking to create my own
  4. RGxR


    there shouldn't even be a beta i just want a very close release date
  5. RGxR


    Thats on the 23rd right?
  6. RGxR


    im not sure yet. no telling what info they will give out in the next week
  7. RGxR


    we just gotta be patient
  8. Hey there guys, you can call me RG. cant wait to come across of of you eventually in the Xbox one version
  9. I know we are all ready for the Xbox version of black desert online. The hype is literally unreal. Tho we do not have a release date just yet, i know the developers are doing everything to make sure this game is nothing but perfect and runs efficiently when it "finally" comes to consoles. It would be great to have a release date but i'm pretty sure its coming really soon considering the website is finally up. Who is all ready to spend hours on hours playing this game and having nothing but enjoyment grinding and having fun? I KNOW I AM
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