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  1. Yes, check with your support department on the status of the ticket (pile).
  2. That's not the issue, and there's already been a ticket open on the issue for about a week already. Last response, right before yours was: "Thank you for writing back and informing us that the issue still persists on your end. Please know that we will further investigate and check your case with the proper department."
  3. Following maintenance and the patch from 5/27, on Xbox One S, about 1/3 of the screen is getting cut-off along both the bottom and right edges. It's not being "rescaled" smaller - controls and content normally displayed in those sections of the screen are no longer visible. Additionally, the portion of the quest tracker that normally displays on the right now only displays a slight yellowish blur where the top of the list should be, and the icon representing Black Spirit at the beginning of the Rage meter now appears without the meter - and directly below the character's level and overlaying the combat level percentage, rendering that number unreadable. To add "insult to injury", leaving a character logged in while the game display is in that state does not accumulate time toward the rewards for the current events, rendering those events/rewards unavailable to affected players. It's also unusual in the the game launches normally with a normal full screen. It isn't until it reaches server selection that it tries to display that full screen, then immediately cuts off the bottom and right thirds - after which nothing can be done to change it back. Relaunching the game, rebooting the console, deleting the reserved space/saved data, changing the display resolution in the console settings... nothing affects it.
  4. Same issue, both before and after rebooting console. Side note, Star Trek Online works just fine, so it's neither my local network nor ISP; guess I'll be spending my time there today. Edit: Appears to have been resolved. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=3581&category=0
  5. Hi I have the house score of 88k in heidel at house 9-4 but I've had some trouble with the cooking utensils and other objects saying that they are mini fire pots and I cant pack the cooking utensils up. The game registers them as one of the mini fire pots I own. The house is the Resolution house. My gamertag is xXBFXx Sniper. I need help getting this fixed so I can get back to cooking.

  6. See attached; once again the game appears to have an issue in the Orc Camp area when it comes to IFF (i.e. Identify Friend or Foe). Previously, I reported that the "<Liberated> Soldier"s appeared to take "pot shots" at me, doing no damage, but immediately registering as my current "target". As far as I can tell, that issue still persists. Today, while leveling a new Ninja class character, I threw the "large" (?) shuriken (LB) at a set of "Red Orc's Prison"(s), and shortly thereafter received the System message: "Karma has dropped. Characters with evil karma receive large penalties when they die." Note in the attachment that there is no corresponding message that I killed another player's character or anything else that I shouldn't (or at least shouldn't be able to). Seems that once again the game gets into a state where it fails to properly IFF mark player vs target before taking action.
  7. Tried submitting a bug report and got a message e.g. "invalid, please try again later"; is the ticket system down, or...? Might help if the error message indicated something more meaningful that there was a problem server side vs player side.
  8. Thanks; just got the same info in a ticket I opened. Guess it's just a bit more "wait and see".
  9. Received "Adventure Log #1: Onward to New Horizons" recently, and have been trying to get AP/DP up since. The quest chain ending in "Roaring Magical Vambrace" helped AP, but now trying to find "Magic Armor Exchange I" to do same with "Dim Magical Armor"... and it appears to be missing. Have the armor, and based on various guides/sources: https://bddatabase.net/us/quest/684/1/ have met the prerequisites: - finished quest "While preparing for Mediah..." which gives the armor (which I have), - finished quest "Six Steps for Personal Growth III" which requires level 52 and takes character to level 53, and - reached level 50 (currently at level 54, and 63.082% to level 55) but Mevo Muranan in Altinova is supposed to offer the quest... and it doesn't appear to be available. Can't seem to locate any other quest (Black Spirit or otherwise) that might be considered a prerequisite for "Magic Armor Exchange I". Is something else missing, or is this (part of?) what's referenced in "known issues" for v1.0.1.5:
  10. Haven't seen this myself, but agree with previous post on solution. If there's "no message that the controller is no longer connected", it sounds like an Xbone issue, not a BDO issue.
  11. *bump* Unrelated, with regard to the new class event rewards, does anyone know if there would be any issues recycling a character slot from a new class after obtaining the rewards?
  12. Same issue. If it makes any difference to the devs, the quest description says to invest in "[Cooking Honey Production Node]", however under Node Management, there's only an option for "Honey Production" - not the one stated in the description. If they're supposed to be the same, this is unclear (and doesn't appear to be working currently anyway). Any idea whether this has been fixed in the next patch (tomorrow, 4/3)?
  13. Separate but related to prior report, there appears to be a caching issue within the Amity mini-game. After game load, the first time you start a Conversation with an NPC, the names/faces of the people at the bottom of the screen match the specific one you highlight (as would be expected, eh?). However, if you then go to another NPC and start a Conversation, the names/faces of the people at the bottom of the screen no longer match the specific one you highlight - they're from the Conversation with the first NPC. Same if you move on to a third, fourth, etc. NPC: never updates the names/faces at the bottom of the screen. While it's obviously not "critical", it's... "inconsistent". Edit: Changing characters, servers,... anything that causes you to so much as temporarily leave the game and pass through the "loading screen" resolves it - but only for the first/next NPC interaction; after that, it continues to display the names/faces from the first NPC interaction of that "session".
  14. Trying to complete "Foreigners of Velia"; found *one* of what I thought was the last *two* I was missing, and the journal reported it as complete, listing it as 2/2. However, the section text is still white, not blue like the others under "People of Eastern Balenos". Checking that section, the first item in the list is still listed as all question marks. Best guess from information I can find elsewhere is that it should be Klau, who should be next to the Velia Inn behind the area with the double doors. However, going there (whether in-game time is day or night), he isn't there, and the map doesn't appear to show there might be someone there. Is this a bug, or something from desktop that hasn't (fully?) migrated to console yet?
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