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  1. Please add these coupons in next update im tired of playing shitter zerk on console
  2. Giant Leap is useless on xbox you cant control it at all. OwO
  3. Show me a video of someone able to actually control Giant leap on xbox. This is bullshit.
  4. Why are we missing so many pearl items on the cm?
  5. When will we get afk leveling like pc has?
  6. PC & xbox are completely different in pvp and certain classes are way to op. Sorc, witch and archer are completely broken. Sorc being the most op class. Zerks & DK are the weakest classes.
  7. Has anyone actually been able to find a match?
  8. This should take priority over everything else kind of annoying to go to wb and not get any rewards cause your games bugging out
  9. It doesnt even work most of the time at world boss its broken.
  10. Why can we go -1mill but only positive 300k ?
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