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  1. Vengecide

    Shai Class

    Is it a healer class? I've been literally waiting for Valkyrie because of that. Yeah it says support 😂. I didn't know it was a healer lol.
  2. Vengecide

    Shai Class

    Does anyone know anything more about the Shai class. How come we will have to wait a week to play the class after creating it. Does she have to like grow or something?
  3. Vengecide

    Black Desert cross platform PS4 Xbox One

    It should become cross platform I hope so, no need to have 3 different versions of the game. It will make the player base larger.
  4. Vengecide

    Lost 100 fs today on accident

    ,..............I just did the same thing. lost my 84 stack on my beginner matchlock lol. Woke up decided to look at my hunting weapon said 90 percent got it to +1. I guess that's what happens when you enchant stuff first thing when you wake up. No tet awaken weapon now. Well I best get that matchlock up and getting hunting to make it worth the loss. I kinda blame it on pearl abyss though it's a 50/50, for only +100 blacksmith book on pearl shop only was a matter of time before something like this happened. Don't feels bad about your 100 stack im furiated to.
  5. Vengecide

    Used all my rng for this month lol

    79 stack no tet, my weapon is duo now. So now I'm sitting on a 84 stack. Getting some more calls cry to attempt again soon.
  6. Vengecide

    Mysterious boxes

    I bought a couple inventory full of them and got a couple blues but nothing major.
  7. Thats strange because i havent really noticed it on mine and i am in heidel a lot.
  8. Vengecide

    Night Vendor Glitched?

    Yeah i told my guildmates now that night vendor is here they are gonna want to try to keep atleast 200mil a week on them so they can roll for boss gear. i rolled a kutum for 206mil and then the roll was a kzarka amulet of 196mil. Sadly couldnt buy it cause i spent my money on prepping for awakening, i would say definitely getting back to farming some money soon.
  9. Vengecide

    Awakening showcase/stream prior to launch

    Nobody was specifically pointing you out he was saying if they want to showcase the classes and how things work make the stream for what it's worth by having streamers who have knowledge of the ins and outs of the classes so the people watching will see what the true potential of their class looks like. And he is talking about being left behind as in not ready for updates when they release . You can play the game to your liking you miss the whole point of what he was trying to say.
  10. Vengecide

    'You can change this in the game settings'

    is already been added press start and go to ring menu!
  11. Vengecide

    Zkarka is an abomination to this game

    Well i have full asula set with 2 pieces grunil and 2 peices heve, pri scale vamb, and tet ultimate yuria gaunlets. my grunil armor and heve boots are both ultimate to. I also have 180 accuracy between my tet weapon and my asulas.
  12. Pearly abyss I understand kzarka box aren't easy to getting. But at 180 AP I should not be getting only 1 hunter seal every fight. At least kutum I get a stabilized crystal and flawless if im lucky. And second I should not be getting thrown underwater almost every kzarka fight I go to, this needs to be fixed also. Can we please get the special world boss seal like PC has to turn in for boss weapons?
  13. Vengecide

    Changing clothes

    Maybe they did it so you can see what your character looks like your creating it with some of the clothes. I think I didn't the same thing when I first joined lol
  14. Vengecide

    This game is massively pay to win!

    Yep I got a tet main hand and I don't plan on trying for pen anytime soon. Rest of my armor is duo. Well I had tri helmet and boots and chest but those failed. But I have a 79 stack waiting to get my awakening to tet on release.
  15. Vengecide


    Does anyone know what rings and necklace he has?