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  1. Combat book yes also you can buy the 10 percent xp gems for your helmet if your not already not using them. The bell I'm not sure about.
  2. They gave you more than enough time to buy character slots there were sales. I bought all my character slots for $10 when the first wave of new characters came out. They might come out with more discounted or free spots if they release a bunch of characters at once again not sure though.
  3. Not trying to be ungrateful but only one class? I thought they would have released more than just one class at a time. Maybe with kamasylve perhaps. I wonder if there will be an event for this class.
  4. Agreed they ruined imperial trading by limiting it to one server when it's suppose to be for all. I hope this is only a temporary solution.
  5. What is the best gear for a dp build. I leveled a 55 shai that i want to use as a healer. Right now i got all my armor an my sub weapon to tri which brings me to about 142 ap and 284 dp. I replaced my asula belt with a pri centaurion belt which brought it to like 293ish and then i bought two cheap tri earrings with just dp which brought me to 303 but brought my ap down to 129-132ish. i havent trashed me other asula piece i figured i would keep them to swap around with them for now until i figure what items to use to properly build up my dp . I mean technically i dont have to worry about Shais ap because her dps is terrible pvp wise anyway. But i will still need some ap atleast for farming mobs especially with kamasylve coming. So i was wondering what the proper way to build a dp build item wise. Im not sure what items to go for accessorie wise
  6. I'm not going to bother trying to read every post. But imperial trading should be available on all servers not just Balenos 2. That's not how it is on pc and so it shouldn't be on here. They only did that cause they can't get it to work on all servers. I don't know what exactly they did to the imperials besides putting it to one server. But having a limit to how many crates can be sold per trader per server will not work with only one server. I'm actually curious as to how many people use imperial trading with only 1 server for it now.
  7. I would say pearl abyss should add mechanics to counter ccs. Perhaps thru red battlefield if you earn so much tickets you can buy a special abilitie from the skill instructor that avoids the next cc done on you but has a 2 minute cool down.
  8. Go on foot 😂 . Hey I figured out the same thing lol. No horse when I pulled it out of stable.
  9. He said it so casually to when he told me to lol like it's normal for everyone to buy pets like that.
  10. That's probably why. He bought 71 desert foxes and was trying to sell them all lol. And no I don't know why he bought $700 worth of pets but he is one of my guild members.
  11. I want 500 mil lol. No but seriously if Shai is new to PC also then we should be getting the same rewards. Just cause we are Xbox doesn't mean we are a minority of players.
  12. Is the central market bugged for pearl items right now. My buddy bought a bunch of pets but it won't let him selling any on the market.
  13. I know this has been brought up a billion times already but shouldn't pearl abyss allow us to trade each other. I know one of you guys is gonna say it will break the game economy but please allow me to explain how it could work. RuneScape a while back had a trade system to beat gold farming and it worked quite well because it was hooked up to there grand exchange which is there Central market is called for those who never played. And when players traded whatever the set price was is what they had to trade the other player or they couldn't trade. Now some of you might say it would break node wars and etc because the central market won't be able to collect taxes but taxes could still be collected if they wanted it to happen. Would pearl abyss go into great length to implement a workable trade system that wouldn't hurt the economy? Probably not because it would have been done by now.
  14. Ok thanks everyone i appreciate the help, just wasnt sure if it was normal to sky rocket this high in one week but from what you guys said i understand now that it is normal with items like this. I do remember when i got my kzarka drop a while back it was like 250 mil at one point. Guess that means more saving up. I cant complain though i got a red nose armor from red nose last night so i got that to work on right now 😀!
  15. This is not really a complaint but rather just frustrating. The new boss weapons on the market are sky high already in 1 week I have had it on pre-order for my striker on highest bid all week and the price has gone from about 118k highest bid to now 239k silver highest bid with 20 sold so far. The price keeps going up every few hours. Which defeats the purpose of placing the highest bid cause I have to keep resubmitting my order every few hours. Is the market broken or is it just because the weapons are new to the game since this week?
  16. Is it a healer class? I've been literally waiting for Valkyrie because of that. Yeah it says support 😂. I didn't know it was a healer lol.
  17. Does anyone know anything more about the Shai class. How come we will have to wait a week to play the class after creating it. Does she have to like grow or something?
  18. It should become cross platform I hope so, no need to have 3 different versions of the game. It will make the player base larger.
  19. ,..............I just did the same thing. lost my 84 stack on my beginner matchlock lol. Woke up decided to look at my hunting weapon said 90 percent got it to +1. I guess that's what happens when you enchant stuff first thing when you wake up. No tet awaken weapon now. Well I best get that matchlock up and getting hunting to make it worth the loss. I kinda blame it on pearl abyss though it's a 50/50, for only +100 blacksmith book on pearl shop only was a matter of time before something like this happened. Don't feels bad about your 100 stack im furiated to.
  20. 79 stack no tet, my weapon is duo now. So now I'm sitting on a 84 stack. Getting some more calls cry to attempt again soon.
  21. I bought a couple inventory full of them and got a couple blues but nothing major.
  22. Thats strange because i havent really noticed it on mine and i am in heidel a lot.
  23. Yeah i told my guildmates now that night vendor is here they are gonna want to try to keep atleast 200mil a week on them so they can roll for boss gear. i rolled a kutum for 206mil and then the roll was a kzarka amulet of 196mil. Sadly couldnt buy it cause i spent my money on prepping for awakening, i would say definitely getting back to farming some money soon.
  24. Nobody was specifically pointing you out he was saying if they want to showcase the classes and how things work make the stream for what it's worth by having streamers who have knowledge of the ins and outs of the classes so the people watching will see what the true potential of their class looks like. And he is talking about being left behind as in not ready for updates when they release . You can play the game to your liking you miss the whole point of what he was trying to say.
  25. is already been added press start and go to ring menu!
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