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  1. I have the same issue It says i have claimed it on the conpleted section but haven't received it in my inventory.
  2. Anyone else got this or am i the only one it says i can claim it but it also says i have already claimed it yet i havnt received the giftbox?
  3. Servers are 100% down for EU please fix devs!!!!
  4. This update should have server issue fixes, boss fixes with other ingame fixes and balances for the classes.
  5. I use oros for pve as i only pve
  6. Is there a way to get guild houses or are they still being added to game?
  7. imemix


    Would be nice to see boss timers in the game instead of downloading a third party app for phones.
  8. This is more needed than the crash update Hurii
  9. I use grunil is there a newer armor thats better?
  10. Yea i meant the error as i had it when using my ranger but only happened once every day. Also even when im playing my dk in non populated area i still crash
  11. Yea thats weird why just a small selection of people getting it?
  12. Mainly combat for DK but iv had my pet eagle out the whole time..
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