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  1. I have the same issue It says i have claimed it on the conpleted section but haven't received it in my inventory.
  2. Anyone else got this or am i the only one it says i can claim it but it also says i have already claimed it yet i havnt received the giftbox?
  3. Servers are 100% down for EU please fix devs!!!!
  4. This update should have server issue fixes, boss fixes with other ingame fixes and balances for the classes.
  5. I use oros for pve as i only pve
  6. Is there a way to get guild houses or are they still being added to game?
  7. imemix


    Would be nice to see boss timers in the game instead of downloading a third party app for phones.
  8. This is more needed than the crash update Hurii
  9. I use grunil is there a newer armor thats better?
  10. Yea i meant the error as i had it when using my ranger but only happened once every day. Also even when im playing my dk in non populated area i still crash
  11. Yea thats weird why just a small selection of people getting it?
  12. Mainly combat for DK but iv had my pet eagle out the whole time..
  13. I have crashed more than 15 times in the space of 2 hours am i missing something or is this causing people to quit BDO?
  14. Playing through the main questline for DK and every hour i keep crashing is this a known issue or something else?
  15. ⚔️LOOKING FOR A EU GUILD?⚔️ We are currently maining on; Join discord to know which server! We do daily guild missions and Guild Bosses. we are starting to do Node Wars. We do daily lifeskills and PvE guild missions. We are a small active guild peaceful group on the EU servers we are chill and dont attack first unless our farms get stolen or attack for no reason. We accept members from all countrys 18+ We are looking for Level 50; 300+ and up GS members who are DECENT at PVP if you feel upto it! Dont forget to message me ingame and discord! Ingame; Hurii or ShiroDead Discord; ImEmix#2702 Discord Link; https://discord.gg/sktmYW6
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