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  1. Quick update. We are still a small guild of 24 as of right meow. We are also still a life skills guild, however a few of us have been branching out into PvP. We are still recruiting if interested. Thank you for your time 😊
  2. Hello everyone! I would like to welcome recruits to the UmbrellaAcademy. We are a new guild sitting at 11 players currently. Currently, we are EST, I’m usually on mornings and most of us at nights. We are a quiet and chill guild looking for players to enjoy the game with. Also, currently we are focusing on life skills leveling; we will be flexible with needs of guild members as well. We would like to be known as very friendly and willing to help each other grow both as individuals as well as a guild within the gaming community. We accept new as well as veterans of any level in Black Desert - all are welcome. We will do guild payouts, the more you help the guild grow will earn more pay and longer contracts. As mentioned, we are currently focusing on life skills, but will be flexible on member needs. You will not be required to do any Guild Missions or anything you don’t want to do, we want you to have fun, but again your contract pay will reflect this. If this sounds interesting to you, please contact me @ “Ice Man DSM” (Xbox Gamertag - yes spaces, caps do not matter). Hope to see you soon!
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