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  1. 15 day outfit they can’t even give us one for free smfh
  2. 2% 0 failstack on reblath and it goes to +15 no problem, 70% success rate for sealed earrings and it fails 3 times in a row? This game is F U C K I N G cancer bro I’m done.
  3. Bruh people have been telling PA since release that their enhancing system sucks. They don’t care. Photos here show them saying NA version of BDO wouldn’t include valks cry. Look what happened with that. They don’t give a damn. Long as we still swiping them cards all is well.
  4. Just did it again on a loving 1 stack No PA, F. U. C. K. Your filter
  5. I bought 500 armor stones for that session. And got all the way down to like 70 before. That happened and I just cut my Xbox off lol. Only got above a 20 FS like twice. I would complain about this enhancement system. But PA doesn’t give a damn so reblath and a lame way to implement longevity it is.
  6. Don’t even get me started on the 18 million reasons awakening should be with Valencia update not f***ing absolutes. I’m chill tho. It’s cool. I got Skyrim.
  7. Yeah he continued to do this to everyone in the arena, if he missed downsmash he would wait til u got up and backflip kick into grab to resume the cheese.
  8. Nah we are same gearscore. I dropped to about 420ish to fight him
  9. I don’t think any other proof is needed to show that lol
  10. I’m jus messin with u lmfao Keep us sorcs informed
  11. Why is this man even in the sorc tab lmfao
  12. 10 mins my ass, if the class your fighting doesn’t have a ranged CC up after u teleport across the arena, ur 75%-full up again. Straight lying azz dudes outchea man
  13. Oh so ur a wiz? If u can’t hit a sorc with one of ur gajillion AOE ccs u got probs bro
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