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  1. You can have 5 pets out on Xbox as well.
  2. Hot familiar with the lvl up Mediah quest...can you provide more detail? I find that I can do 1 - 55 in about 3 hours. At 55 is when you do your side quests that award combat XP. Start in Velia and rotate counter clockwise...Velia, Olvia, Florin, Caltphen, Trent, Keplan, Glish, Heidal. You'll hit 60 or get fairly close. At 60 go to Kama and hit up those side quests.
  3. Hell. Not to co-opt this thread. But we need to be able "V" escape on the ring menu
  4. It's a good place for both money and XP....at the 235 AP bracket With a three man group with similar AP to yours your'd get about 1000-1100 trash per hour. Basically 17.5 - 20 million silver per hour in trash. Not terrible, certainly not great. Also, XP wouldn't be that great at your AP bracket. You'd get better XP grinding feather wolves on Navarn Steppe. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but at 235 AP with Kutum in 3 man group you should expect around 1600- 1700 trash per hour. So around 28-30 million per hour. Also at this AP, XP per hour is becomes slightly better than feather wolves. I'm certainly open to running a mirumok group with you when you hit the 235 AP threshold. Gamertag: The4lhHorseman Family Name: Schade Character Name: Bose
  5. what does this have to do with the state of zerker on console?
  6. Not much interest in this topic I guess. Let me start with my hot takes. FYI in game name is Bose. I'm a middle of the road zerker skill wise so take my input with a grain of salt. Below are the issues I see with Zerker: Skill Point Investment: This isn't just limited to Zerker, this applies to Warrior as well. The amount of skill points required for zerker and some other legacy characters is to dang high. The be relevant, zerkers need 1600 SP right now. Min 1800SP are required to be "competitive" when rabam skills get released. 2000SP will are required if we want the skills for both PVP and PVE. This is way to high and is a significant barrier to entry into the class. Lack of protected skills. No i-frame abilities. Can't control our awakened 100%. Can't aim heal No mouse/cursor movement. Lava Piercer is very predictable as a result Slower grabs than other grab classes. No grab priority for player vs NPC Slower Flame Buster than PC. Lava Piercer hit detects everything. Even the smallest dang pebble and stop LP Suggestions to fix the class: Remove two of our grabs, we only need two: Storming Beast and Rock Smash or Rooting. We do not need 4 grabs. replace the two gabs with something relevant (I don't know what). Add an i-frame to Shake-off. I'd even be happy if it has a cooldown. Just give us a damn i-frame. Increase speed of Smackdown. Let us put BWS on ring menu. Let us put Raging Thunder on ring menu Allow us to aim our heal and 100% awaken ult. We need to be able to immediately fire Flame Buster. Lava Piercer needs to ignore some obstacles. I'm forgetting some QoL stuff...i know.
  7. I farmed 8 hours on Sunday - all Hottime. Nothing A lot of of my weekday farming is after 10 PM EDT, again hottime. Nothing. Kami blessing. loot scrolls, luck, and around 45000 mobs, nothing. No Seraps. very little scrolls. Not a super large sample size, but 18 hours, over 45000 mobs, and not one Seraps and very few language scrolls. And this is just Nagas. It was the same at Hasra. I invest in a Node and my drop rate gets broken. May not happen to everyone, yet it's certainly happening to me. Getting 10 Seraps over an 18 - 20 hours period of constantly farming the mobs is BAD RNG. Getting ZERO drops is an Anomaly that needs to be investigated. Even beyond the Seraps, getting only 1 - 2 language scrolls an hour with Kami Blessing and loot scrolls is an Anomally. It has been like this since Sunday. There is something screwy happening with drop % percentage rate. It may not be happening to you, yet Nde Energy investment bug is happening to some of us.
  8. More servers is a terrible idea. MMO populations wax and wane. increase when new content gets released, and decreases as the content gets stale. Pop is high right now but will decrease to a stable level shortly. It will spike again when Awakening is released, then decrease to a stable level. it will wax and wane all year. Sure adding more servers will ease the load right now, but when the population drops the game will be less densely populated. Making severs seem like ghost towns.
  9. I understand it's RNG and certainly any "evidence" is provide is anecdotal because of sample size. Kamasylvia Blessing (20% increased item drop rate) active the whole time May 10th (Fri)- Three hours at Nagas. Tier 0 Node. No loot scrolls. One Seraps drop. Didn't keep track of Stones or scrolls, but scrolls dropped consistently. May 11th (Sat)- Eight hours at Nagas. Tier 0 Node. With use 5 loot scrolls. Six Seraps drops on Saturday. Didn't track Stones or scrolls, but I was getting scrolls approx every 15 minutes or so. Invested all energy across all alts into Nodes Sunday morning (May 12) and continued to invest energy into node until Tier 7 throughout the day. May 12th - May 13 farmed mobs approx 9 hours total over two days. No Seraps. 1 scroll per hour on average. Some hours I'd get as many as two, some hours I wouldn't get any.This is with and without loot scrolls. Reset node on May 14th. May 14 - approx three hours. No Seraps. intermittent scrolls. May 15 (last night) Six hours at Nagas last night. Intermittent scrolls. No Seraps. Combination with and without loot scrolls. So approximately 18 hours from May 12 - May 15. No Seraps and intermittent language scrolls. I'm not sure on total mobs killed per hour, but I have (1)T3, (2)T2, and (1)T1 pets out. Getting about 3500 trash loot per hour. So likely somewhere around 2500 -3000 mobs per hour. Being conservative and using 2500 mobs per hour gives us 2500 x 18 = 45000 mobs killed. The Seraps drop rate for the mobs is between 0.002 - 0.008% according to https://bddatabase.net/us/item/11628/. Due to mob make up, the Seraps drop date will be much closer to the 0.002%. So to be conservative, 2 Seraps drops on average for every 1000 mobs killed. With Kamasylvia blessing the drop rate for Seraps should be 2.4 for every 1000 mobs killed. 2.4 x 45 = 108 Seraps with great RNG. This doesn't even count the 8 or so loot scrolls I've used. Yet in 18 hours of grinding Nagas since Sunday, I have seen ZERO Seraps. There is something seriously wrong with the Node energy investment for some players and resetting the Node doesn't seem to make a difference.
  10. I'm betting the ones who are seeing bad drop rate are those with Node investment above tier 4. I'm telling you folks that the energy investment system is bugged on Xbox like it was bugged on PC last year and screwing drop rate.
  11. North America NA servers Family Name: Schade Bug: Investing energy in nodes is supposed to increase item drop rate. Every tenth mob is supposed to get a %increase based on node level. However, investigating energy in nodes is lowering drop rate of unique mobs. Please ensure you look into this. This was an issue on PC last year. It looks like this issue has made its way onto Xbox.
  12. Certainly not looking for a definitive statement. Drop rate is so low to begin with any evidence provided would be anecdotal because sample size is so low. Just seeing if there is a trend or if it's just my RNG
  13. Investing energy in nodes is supposed to increase item drop rate. Every tenth mob is supposed to get a %increase based on node level. I understand that the drop rate increase is supposed to be very very marginal. Has anyone experienced a perceived drop rate increase/decrease when investing energy in nodes? Twice I've invested enough energy to take nodes to level 5. Once at Hasrah, and once at Nagas. Each time, drop rate seems to decrease significantly. At Hasrah I was getting a belt approx every 2 - 3 hours. Invest energy into node and only get one belt in approx 20 hours of grinding over a week. At Nagas, last Friday night, after about two hours I had the necklace drop. On Saturday, with loot scrolls I had 6 more necklaces drop in about 9 hours. I thought awesome...invest some energy and increase node level...get even more drops. NOPE. No necklace since. close to 30 hours, 10 of which with loot scrolls, and no necklace since. May be anecdotal but the scroll and stone drops has decreased as well. Has anyone here actually experienced a drop rate increase, perceived or not, after investing energy in nodes? It's my belief that something screwy is happening and investing energy in nodes on Xbox is causing a permanent drop rate decrease.
  14. CMs don't need to be good at the game...they need to be receptive to community concerns and serve as ombudsmen to the development team. Our CMs are doing a fine job in assuring our concerns are heard. The above being written. There is certainly room for improvement in the state of the game streams.
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