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  1. Cloudkicker

    Your Top 5 Things In BD

    1. Grinding 2. Pvp 3. Lifechill 4. Explore 5. Community
  2. Cloudkicker

    Situation about next delay

    Get em dad! Show em who's the real adult around here!
  3. Cloudkicker

    Situation about next delay

    Yes, your grace, high chancellor of the internet.
  4. Cloudkicker

    Which Class Do You Want First?

    Sorc, since it will be popular but also, probably, the most complicated.
  5. Cloudkicker

    Musa or Beawha

    I vote Musa
  6. Cloudkicker


    Our first quest will be to save Simon, who has been captured by Imps.
  7. Cloudkicker

    You're all going to be destroyed

    Loving the fact that this troll post is swiftly turning the forum into a Lord of the Flies scenario.
  8. Cloudkicker

    Which will come first

    If they miss this year's xmas cash cow...
  9. Cloudkicker

    Which will come first

    Bless. No reason would we have to think otherwise. None of the BD deadlines have been met.
  10. Cloudkicker

    Fyi: pax recap

    Simple platitudes and vaguery. I'll believe demo is arriving when it's loaded on my console
  11. Cloudkicker

    A few things I want to know before a launch.

    Dude, we really don't know anything definitive about most of the important things. The beta doesn't even have a release date. I wish my major deadlines were actually three month windows 🤪
  12. Cloudkicker

    State of game on release.

    I didnt see anything about bdx or PA on either the gamescom or pax schedules. Did I miss something?
  13. Cloudkicker

    The Need for this product.

    I'm just wondering what games there are that would replace bdo. I dont think Forza coming out matters at all. Fallout I could see. Destiny...people will flee that dumpster fire in a week.
  14. Cloudkicker

    The Need for this product.

    What big releases?
  15. Cloudkicker

    BD for new players and endgame

    I agree until it comes to accesories and mem frags. I should have probably been more specific. If getting mems was a bit easier, or restored more than 1, and accessories didn't blow up after one fail then I'm on board. I like that it's hard to get pen. I want it that way. What I don't like is a month of silver disappearing after one bad rng roll.