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  1. Cloudkicker

    Did anyone else experience pop ins?

    I played on XB1 original and yeah, lots of popins. Just part of the deal I'm afraid
  2. Cloudkicker

    Starting characters?

    They'll be released, obviously, but it will take months before we are caught up to PC.
  3. Cloudkicker

    Just want to be clear on PvP

    No one PKs unless it's over a grinding spot. I have hundreds of hours in the PC version and I've only had to fight three times, each time over a grind spot. You'll be able to explore more and better if you level. There's no reason to kill someone who is just walking around gathering or whatever. Trust me, it basically never happens. Also as numnutz said you can't avoid leveling up anyway.
  4. Prices aren't highlighted red if you can't afford them after buying something. Example: I have 100k, i spend 80k, everything that costs more than 20k does not change to red text unless i reload the vendor item list. Xbox keyboard capitalizes first two letters when it is first invoked, rather than only the first Character is stuck after exiting start menu for a few seconds. Bug during tutorial where "hit b to close inventory" does not register as complete. Not sure what triggered. Bug during enhancing where enhance button is grayed out despite both equip and stone slots filledd. Thus, black stones sometimes have to be removed then reselected
  5. Cloudkicker

    When game release will it be up to date as PC?

    Most likely scenario is a release schedule similar to SEA version when it was released. So it'll take about a year before we are only a patch behind is my guess
  6. Cloudkicker

    After open beta

    Yeah but it may only be a matter of a few months before we get that patch
  7. Cloudkicker

    After open beta

    Value packs are more or less essential, which turns it into a defacto month to month subscription with occasional breaks when value packs are offered as event or attendance rewards
  8. It's already gone with today's patch
  9. Thanks Simon. Gotta say I'm extremely happy and impressed with how responsive PA has been
  10. Cloudkicker

    Skills Window

    I also missed that if it's there. The ability to see combo flows is extremely helpful. The windows should be switched so the large window houses the skill tree. Then if I need to see my guy executing the skill i can hit x. I'm really liking the beta, but there are several QoL changes that would just put it over the top. Namely this, button mapping, more camera customization, and UI customization
  11. Cloudkicker

    Skills Window

    Can we have the skill tree similar to PC? I really don't like having to scroll through a list with no visual map/relationship between things. Not sure how everyone else feels
  12. Option to turn off camera shake. Option to turn off auto camera center. Option to turn off things on the UI. All these things make combat frustrating
  13. Nah I'm not taking PTO for a beta. I need that **** for when the game actually releases.
  14. Cloudkicker

    Xbox live sign in timer

    Never had this problem but I'll test it
  15. Cloudkicker

    3v3 Tournament

    Gotta say, I loved the addition of commentary. I think this format could make for a good esport if they make the AP/DP even between all?