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  1. Cloudkicker

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    People take this video game etiquette **** way too seriously. Just don't be a dik, be a dude. Players are gonna do whatever they want, as they should. If you or your guild gets a bad rep then it's no mystery why. Doesn't take a genius or memorization of tablets from skyman to figure this out.
  2. Cloudkicker


    Easy. To defend a level cap now, you must be in favor of one forever. Otherwise your position makes no sense. If you don't see the logic then I don't know what to tell you. I don't assume it will stay with one. It simply makes no sense for it to ever have one if there is no plan to keep it there but raise it as new content is released. Please follow along. It's not about casuals and whether or not we should care. I'm already going to pretty much be a casual. The idea is if people put the time in they should be ahead. If others do not put time in they should be at a spot in progression in proportion with their effort. This is not complicated. CM can say that all day. Why try and control it NOW? If they ever GET RID of level cap, no-lifers will STILL be ahead. It solves nothing unless you ALWAYS have a level cap. Whether no-lifers are ahead within a month or three months or 6 months makes no difference. They will always get ahead unless you cap them forever and ever. Everyone will be equally geared because it is capped at +15. They will not necessarily be equally leveled, which will always be the case. Looking ahead, there is a soft gear cap and always a hard gear cap that will be raised. Please understand this basic thing. Btw I don't expect nor care about that, so you can take your sweeping generalizations and shove it. Also, looks like you just got owned by PA...😁
  3. Cloudkicker


    I'm not surprised. He's this forum's hall monitor, swiftly informing the riff raff of a minor violation or miscategorized post.
  4. Cloudkicker


    Console players will never complain? That's utter nonsense. They do all the time. The speed is not the issue. The idea that there is a cap on leveling progress is the issue. You wanna pvp at 50 and not grind then go ahead. No one is stopping you. You can play how you want, but others cannot play how they want even though there is a preexisting softcap mechanic they're gonna put in anyway.
  5. Cloudkicker


    And why shouldn't they be behind if they bought the game later and haven't put the time in? What about when they release mediah, valencia, etc? Should they cap it then? New players are always going to be behind. Even if you care about players lagging behind, for whatever reason, you are just kicking the can down the road. I have yet to find a coherent argument in favor of a hard level cap. You can't logically be in favor of a hard cap at launch unless you always want there to be one.
  6. Cloudkicker


    Adding level cap is tantamount to a cap on hours. And if it's gonna be removed "soon" after....why bother capping?
  7. Cloudkicker

    Class selection and overview on launch

    Depends on the player. Most players have no idea what they're doing. However it is the case that Tamers are a top 1v1 class if you bother to learn. The effort/reward ratio varies greatly between classes and is also context dependent.
  8. Cloudkicker

    Class selection and overview on launch

    Yeah totally agree. Some classes will never be terrible. Also its weird how KR sees things vs how do. Example, KR thinks Striker is trash because it can't do Aakman, Hystria, Mirumok, etc worth a damn, but we all know it's not trash at all. I think KR has a bigger influence on balance, so sometimes a good predictor. Just an observation
  9. Cloudkicker

    Class selection and overview on launch

    Everyone please understand that what he wrote was accurate....until basically 5 seconds ago. Case in point as to why you shouldn't use tiers or the "current" state of a class to make decisions. Warriors just got rebuffed on PC: Warriors : slashing to death animation is full SA now balance strike got bigger range armor break + knee kick got some QOL they can grab from awakening stance some skills can be cancelled with block ground smash got SA ultimate ground smash got 100% cirt and 50% damage increase and 2 more hits war cry got frontal guard counter got frontal guard spear WP consumption changed from 95 to 50 some skills were resetting CD when used off CD so it was fixed Ninjas and Mystics nerfed a bit. Tamers and Valks buffed. This stuff changes all the time. Pick what YOU like. DO NOT pay attention to tier lists or current pecking orders to make a decision. You will regret it. You will waste your time and money. That said, the OP still gave valuable and accurate information. Tier lists are important to understand the state of things, what classes have protections changed, and so forth to improve your matchup understanding. Tier lists are very useful in general. But when it comes to picking a class to main, do yourself a favor and get them out of your head.
  10. Cloudkicker

    Hey can anyone help me

    The overnight cleaning service threw it away, which is why they had to relocate.
  11. Cloudkicker

    Hey can anyone help me

    When a date is announced it'll be literally everywhere on here. It will not be a secret. You will know. Everyone will know. The date shall be known by all. The existence of the official release date for Black Desert Xbox, the very same game for which this website was created, shall be heralded by many posts, artwork, and other methods of representation. When this information is available you would have to be blind to miss it. February 11th, 2019
  12. Cloudkicker

    Combat updates

    I'm glad you asked the question and that simon answered. My two cents: almost everything posted on reddit is an overblown, sensationalized exaggeration designed to generate upvotes. There is no bad class...only bad, undergeared players
  13. Cloudkicker

    Warrior or wizard

    Always pick the most fun or you'll be stuck in an expensive reroll cycle. Most of your time will be spent killing mobs, so the enjoyment you get from that remains the most important factor. Remember we have all the others classes coming (probably) relatively soon. Gameplay also changes with awakening kits.
  14. Cloudkicker

    some new news

    Hey, its at least info. A formal statement would be nice though.
  15. Cloudkicker

    Complaint regarding information withhold

    Not so much as a meme.