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  1. Skulls will be crushed and the explosions shall never end
  2. They're not broken you just have to learn how to fight one. Gear >>>>>>> skill. Always been that way, always will be.
  3. Strikers will have ridiculous kill potential with absolute and awakening. Preawake is not meant for damage per se.
  4. In large scale fights, no do not. You'll just get cc'd and be useless. 1v1 though, absolutely. Large scale you need to stay in SA as much as you can. Strikers in pre simply do not have as much kill potential in large scale. Stick with either protecting your backline or locking down casters. Remember to use fots animation cancel when diving, then go into rage or MD when you land. Don't ever expect to get an unprotected flow combo off in the middle of a ball.
  5. <Havoc> PvP Guild created before launch and lead by PC Vets. Havoc is one of the original powerhouse guilds and still going strong. We strive to be the best and want only the best. Perks: Knowledgeable leaders Experienced shotcallers Organized and transparent Tournaments Guild bosses, quests, scrolls, buffs Training and coaching by experts Frequent node wars with castle siege on the horizon Expectations: Attend most node wars Attend most Saturday sieges Meet gear score and level requirements Be willing to help guildies Participate in wars if you are not afk Follow the guild rules outlined in our main discord Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war Achievements: ★First to take Serendia and held 2v1 the next week. ★Won the Beta Node War pre-launch Recruiting: Level 58 Witch/Wizards 420+ All other Classes 450+ Join our recruitment discord for more information. Once you are confirmed there you will receive an invite to the main guild discord. https://discord.gg/4g3ykB3
  6. Here since day one BB ❤️
  7. Consistently high fps will always give you an advantage in combat in this game
  8. Yeah man, I agree with most of what you said and certainly respect your opinion. Definitely true about archer. That really would be unfair
  9. No, I get your point, I just think it's incorrect. You're focusing on the state of the game after awakening. Monks are completely different at that point. We have the same balance as PC, supposedly, and monks got a -10 magic dp nerf a few weeks ago. I don't understand your point about ninja cooldown. So if they blow their cooldowns they have to wait? Well, yeah, that's how cooldowns work. Every class has to deal with that. Zerker is not useless at all. They have way more grabs than other classes. Please explain how a class with less grabs is better at grabbing. Warriors have a grab and doesn't make Zerker useless. Monks are nothing special without awakening. What heals are you talking about? Striker gets one heal, roaring tiger, and that's it for pre. Spiral, endless explosion, bite-off, monkey-jump are all heals but all in awaken. Yes witchards and monks make up most top siege guilds, but what point does that prove regarding those classes pre-awaken? I agree, I think they will follow the expected release order. What I disagree with is your assessment as to why it should not be some other way.
  10. Gotta disagree. Ninja is the strongest unawakened class. Striker and Mystic unawakened isn't that great. Zerker has grabs for days, among other useful things.
  11. Just let us turn it off if we want. I don't understand why this is an issue.
  12. They also got a huge buff a couple weeks ago. Even before that warriors were top fraggers in wars in some guilds. Sorry to tell you, but this game boils down to get gear and get good. No amount of reddit balance-whine memery will change that.
  13. Striker is easy to use to beat people who suck, but you do actually need to know what you're doing to beat halfway decent players. One of the best pvp, one of the worst pve past gahaz. SA management is more difficult now
  14. Striker is the MAGA hat of BDO. People are triggered at the mere sight of it...so beautiful.
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