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  1. Cloudkicker

    xbox one S vs X

    Consistently high fps will always give you an advantage in combat in this game
  2. Cloudkicker

    I hope new classes come quick!

    Yeah man, I agree with most of what you said and certainly respect your opinion. Definitely true about archer. That really would be unfair
  3. Cloudkicker

    I hope new classes come quick!

    No, I get your point, I just think it's incorrect. You're focusing on the state of the game after awakening. Monks are completely different at that point. We have the same balance as PC, supposedly, and monks got a -10 magic dp nerf a few weeks ago. I don't understand your point about ninja cooldown. So if they blow their cooldowns they have to wait? Well, yeah, that's how cooldowns work. Every class has to deal with that. Zerker is not useless at all. They have way more grabs than other classes. Please explain how a class with less grabs is better at grabbing. Warriors have a grab and doesn't make Zerker useless. Monks are nothing special without awakening. What heals are you talking about? Striker gets one heal, roaring tiger, and that's it for pre. Spiral, endless explosion, bite-off, monkey-jump are all heals but all in awaken. Yes witchards and monks make up most top siege guilds, but what point does that prove regarding those classes pre-awaken? I agree, I think they will follow the expected release order. What I disagree with is your assessment as to why it should not be some other way.
  4. Cloudkicker

    I hope new classes come quick!

    Gotta disagree. Ninja is the strongest unawakened class. Striker and Mystic unawakened isn't that great. Zerker has grabs for days, among other useful things.
  5. Just let us turn it off if we want. I don't understand why this is an issue.
  6. They also got a huge buff a couple weeks ago. Even before that warriors were top fraggers in wars in some guilds. Sorry to tell you, but this game boils down to get gear and get good. No amount of reddit balance-whine memery will change that.
  7. Cloudkicker

    Stroker when?

    Striker is easy to use to beat people who suck, but you do actually need to know what you're doing to beat halfway decent players. One of the best pvp, one of the worst pve past gahaz. SA management is more difficult now
  8. Cloudkicker

    Stroker when?

    Striker is the MAGA hat of BDO. People are triggered at the mere sight of it...so beautiful.
  9. Cloudkicker

    What Server Are you playing on

    NA because I live here
  10. Cloudkicker

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    People take this video game etiquette **** way too seriously. Just don't be a dik, be a dude. Players are gonna do whatever they want, as they should. If you or your guild gets a bad rep then it's no mystery why. Doesn't take a genius or memorization of tablets from skyman to figure this out.
  11. Cloudkicker


    Easy. To defend a level cap now, you must be in favor of one forever. Otherwise your position makes no sense. If you don't see the logic then I don't know what to tell you. I don't assume it will stay with one. It simply makes no sense for it to ever have one if there is no plan to keep it there but raise it as new content is released. Please follow along. It's not about casuals and whether or not we should care. I'm already going to pretty much be a casual. The idea is if people put the time in they should be ahead. If others do not put time in they should be at a spot in progression in proportion with their effort. This is not complicated. CM can say that all day. Why try and control it NOW? If they ever GET RID of level cap, no-lifers will STILL be ahead. It solves nothing unless you ALWAYS have a level cap. Whether no-lifers are ahead within a month or three months or 6 months makes no difference. They will always get ahead unless you cap them forever and ever. Everyone will be equally geared because it is capped at +15. They will not necessarily be equally leveled, which will always be the case. Looking ahead, there is a soft gear cap and always a hard gear cap that will be raised. Please understand this basic thing. Btw I don't expect nor care about that, so you can take your sweeping generalizations and shove it. Also, looks like you just got owned by PA...😁
  12. Cloudkicker


    I'm not surprised. He's this forum's hall monitor, swiftly informing the riff raff of a minor violation or miscategorized post.
  13. Cloudkicker


    Console players will never complain? That's utter nonsense. They do all the time. The speed is not the issue. The idea that there is a cap on leveling progress is the issue. You wanna pvp at 50 and not grind then go ahead. No one is stopping you. You can play how you want, but others cannot play how they want even though there is a preexisting softcap mechanic they're gonna put in anyway.
  14. Cloudkicker


    And why shouldn't they be behind if they bought the game later and haven't put the time in? What about when they release mediah, valencia, etc? Should they cap it then? New players are always going to be behind. Even if you care about players lagging behind, for whatever reason, you are just kicking the can down the road. I have yet to find a coherent argument in favor of a hard level cap. You can't logically be in favor of a hard cap at launch unless you always want there to be one.
  15. Cloudkicker


    Adding level cap is tantamount to a cap on hours. And if it's gonna be removed "soon" after....why bother capping?