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  1. Bump removed all inactives and now at 67/75 members tons of new guild events added.
  2. I will be home in roughly 40 min and will send you a message, my gt is DigitalDollyEh. You can ask me anything about our guild.
  3. You may also add my GT Digitaldollyeh and send me a message and we can party chat if you'd like.
  4. I just added 5 more spots to the guild Our discord is https://discord.gg/pURxzeE
  5. Family name: Damaged Region: NA(canada) Link: https://twitter.com/DigitalDollyEh/status/1185270142168551425?s=19
  6. <OminousFlux> a Guild for those that love and enjoy to be Casual. We are a PvE/Lifeskill Focused guild. (We only PvP to Defend) All we ask is for people to be Respectful, Family Oriented, and over the age of 18. o No GS Requirements o LGBT & Military Friendly Environment. o Guild Missions Daily. o Guild Pay (2.5m for Generals daily) o Guild Events (WaterNode Hunts, Fishing Adventures, Boss and Relic Scrolls, Hide n Seek, and many more) o Monthly trade summoning o Social and Helpful Members o Will accept small guild merges Currently 75/80 active members (14+ inactive days without reason = removal) https://discord.gg/j7aNtbM
  7. If you havent found one yet, OminousFlux has spots. We are a casual mainly pve guild on NA Xbox. Feel free to add me & send a message DigitalDollyEh
  8. Blackstone Mafia is a medium size guild with most passive buffs maxed, looking to add more active pvp & pve players. Some perks: -Members always come to your aid when you get player killed -Advice & guidance given when needed -Guild missions accepted via request -Pve members are warned of gvg so they can switch servers -Node wars weekly Requirements: 350+ gear score Discord Activity (log on and do stuff few times a week) Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/a3Jdawn Contact GT Mr J Marroquin, JibbsDaKing90
  9. NA The307 is a social pvx guild full of friendly helpful people. Our party chats are always open. Ages range from 20yrs to 40yrs. Buffs and payouts: All ap +5, Damage reduction +5, Hp +20, Gathering & Fishing +2 Payouts 180k We offer: Groups for Grinding, Help with classes/skills, scrolls runs and revenge on pkers. Send a xbox message to Mr J Marroquin Or myself DigitalDollyEh
  10. Feel free to add/message me gt: DigitalDollyEh
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