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  1. We max out guild quests and activate guild buffs every single day. Guild events weekly some with prizes such as outfits or pets. https://discord.gg/tD2dyXA We have 10 spots left. 😁
  2. Nuisance We are a relaxed Xbox/PS4 PVE Guild. The guild was created August 13th 2019.We are looking for like minded adventurers to join our guild. We are a large guild currently with 70 players. If you’re a new player or veteran, life skiller or PVE, we have a place for you in Nuisance. We can provide new or experienced players help with setting up nodes, gear, class builds, cooking, processing, etc. We have tons easy to read guides for help with every part of the game. What we offer: -Salaries up to 1 mil based on participation. -Daily Guild quests -Guild events -Power leveling -New player friendly (gear score doesn’t matter) -Scroll runs -Experienced and friendly officers -Hot spot fishing -Extensive discord with something for everyone -Altar of Blood -Max buffs: combat, skill, luck and life guild buffs activated daily Our only requirements are over 18, log on the game a few times every 14 days and don't be toxic towards members and other guilds 😁 https://discord.gg/tecAu35
  3. <Rewind> active pvp focused guild Accepting players from both consoles A guild that loves to pvp together and grow together. Guild vs Guild outside of node wars - pvp back up - Class advice - Optional guild missions - good attitude towards pvp - 75% Attendance to Node wars - 450+ Gearscore required - https://discord.gg/KJcUvyh
  4. I run a casual pve guild (pvp to defend or to help other members), we are all 18yrs plus. https://discord.gg/MHTKWvE
  5. We have a Aussie Officer so guild quests can be requested anytime of the day now.
  6. Ominousflux A NA PvE console Guild We grind Trees 🌲. We offer power levels. We hold weekly events. We run guild quests We help eachother. We abuse the bots on Discord. We're all adults. We have members from all over the world but we follow est for event times. We follow the best out of 3 when fighting for rotations. https://discord.gg/MHTKWvE
  7. Now taking in ps4 players 😁
  8. Im Just helping them get more members 😊 Accepting players from both Xbox & Ps4 A guild that loves to pvp together and grow together. What we offer: - GvG outside of node wars - pvp back up - Class advice - Optional guild missions - Open xbl parties We require: - good attitude towards pvp - 75% Attendance to Node wars - 450+ Gearscore. https://discord.gg/KJcUvyh GT: Juice izhere
  9. 5 spots available. Whale hunting is our next goal.
  10. Family name: Damaged Region: Na Console: Xbox Link:
  11. Bump removed all inactives and now at 67/75 members tons of new guild events added.
  12. I will be home in roughly 40 min and will send you a message, my gt is DigitalDollyEh. You can ask me anything about our guild.
  13. You may also add my GT Digitaldollyeh and send me a message and we can party chat if you'd like.
  14. Room was made and we have 5 spots available 😁
  15. I just added 5 more spots to the guild Our discord is https://discord.gg/pURxzeE
  16. Family name: Damaged Region: NA(canada) Link: https://twitter.com/DigitalDollyEh/status/1185270142168551425?s=19
  17. Currently at 23 members, goal is 35.
  18. If you havent found one yet, OminousFlux has spots. We are a casual mainly pve guild on NA Xbox. Feel free to add me & send a message DigitalDollyEh
  19. Blackstone Mafia is a medium size guild with most passive buffs maxed, looking to add more active pvp & pve players. Some perks: -Members always come to your aid when you get player killed -Advice & guidance given when needed -Guild missions accepted via request -Pve members are warned of gvg so they can switch servers -Node wars weekly Requirements: 350+ gear score Discord Activity (log on and do stuff few times a week) Feel free to join our discord https://discord.gg/a3Jdawn Contact GT Mr J Marroquin, JibbsDaKing90
  20. NA The307 is a social pvx guild full of friendly helpful people. Our party chats are always open. Ages range from 20yrs to 40yrs. Buffs and payouts: All ap +5, Damage reduction +5, Hp +20, Gathering & Fishing +2 Payouts 180k We offer: Groups for Grinding, Help with classes/skills, scrolls runs and revenge on pkers. Send a xbox message to Mr J Marroquin Or myself DigitalDollyEh
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