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  1. Region:NA Character Name: Nightime Link: https://mobile.twitter.com/MidnightCrow_/status/1148839739065327616
  2. Is this from pc because that outfit isn't even available on Xbox? Is this a fair entry ?
  3. Still playing lahn but wanting to reroll to Valkyrie once release :0 have my tet zarka and kutum waiting for her ;-;
  4. I'm glad they are bringing a huge update to the game but I kind of wish they had released either new classes or awakening instead but nonetheless I'm grateful for anything lol
  5. Ok that's what I was curious about I have rank 1 housing in heidel not anywhere else so I'll have to make a rank1 house on an actual node for the specialties thanks thanks! i never knew closest I've been to rank1 on pc was rank 10 so I got happy when I realized. Hey I can easily get a rank 1 house on Xbox lol
  6. Is this not in the game yet? I have rank 1 housing and want to do my specialty node investment but it's not allowing me to put contribution points in. Just keeps saying I need a rank one house >_>
  7. Yeah I can agree to this wholeheartedly... I play a Lahn and I'm not fond of the pre awakening. She's decent for clearing mobs when her awakening is released though. I've done a good amount of pvping with Lahn awakening and it's super fun and all and the skills are great to look at but I got smashed by EVERY CLASS I tried to pvp in the arena. And this was me using a crap ton of accuracy accessories , weapons etc etc. she's just too squishy for one, and dmg output is past poor. im just playing her until Valkyrie releases and as much as I want to wreck some kids right now I cannot lol. I'm 400 gs and still die but I put up a fight!!!
  8. I just want Valkyrie. Honestly they should release all the classes before awakening to even the odds on the play field but I'm sure they have other plans. I'm just hating to have to invest time into a class that I'm not entirely fond of please release valk next month after these new 4 classes event is over ;_;
  9. Yeah that's my point . The odds of someone even selling it will be rare lol I'd keep mine if it was me. But too me spending over $1000 for ONE tet ogre ring is NOT worth it I'd rather just keep my 33 outfits I bought lmao $1000 for a stupid ring when you can get a seraphs necklace for waaaaay cheaper and drops easier. Only 3 or so app difference from ogre
  10. Awe thank you for considering me! I'm still guileless and just waiting for the right time to even join another. I'm just trying to relax from guild drama. Seems there's a lot of it. Lol
  11. That's understandable. I know right? That chat box needs a good punch in the nads >_>
  12. How is hiding your name an advantage? I'm lost lol also +1 gathering isn't even OP you can easily get level 5 gathering just buy upgrading a silver embroider gatherers clothes to like a +2 or a +3 and cook grain soup for +1 and use workers elixers that's what I do and I get level 4 gathering all without a ghillie suit. Same goes for all the other costumes. The silver embroided clothes are just as "OP" as the costumes and even give exp also. Also if you have a pet that has the gathering skill that also helps lmao so there are plenty of avenues for uping your gathering level as well as any other lifeskill without spending money. And the only thing truly p2w in this game is artisan memories that's really it. And honestly the silver to $ ratio is so bad I don't see why anyone would want to spend thousands of dollars to get maybe 500m gold to buy literally 1 OP item out of the 7+ things you have to buy for your characters lol i also made a calculation. If someone was to spend $1000 on costumes /outfits each outfit roughly costs $30-35. They would be able to buy around 33 outfits for $1000. Roughly each outfit costs around 25-28m if they sold all 33 they would only make 954m that's enough to buy ONE Tet Ogre ring. So that's not even including earrings, armor piece, mainhand and offhand weapons, rings, boots, helmets and gloves that they have to sell more outfits just to get. An then on top of that they still have to WAIT for someone to even post that stuff on the market for them to even buy! So while they are waiting for weeks to get gear on the market place you are out actively playing the game and grinding and could essentially be where they are or more than likely AHEAD of them because you aren't sitting around all year hoping someone posts OP gear for you for YOUR class. And honestly if I'm paying money I would like to have some sort of advantage in the game in my honest opinion. So essentially it's maybe pay2slightadvantage but never actually win lmao
  13. I know the feeling of toxic people. I was in a guild (just recently left) that was pretty mean to me. Judged me and a lot of egotistical guys. One of the reasons I can't stand console because not enough females play like on pc and most are egotistical and bigheaded and think they are top dog and call you trash when you loose a 1v1. I still love pvping though ♥️
  14. Hmm you must be really unlucky or griefing to have this happen to you as often as it has. I've only ever been attacked randomly twice since I've played on Xbox console. (I've noticed people don't have the decency to ask you to remove yourself like they do on pc though they kind of just start smacking you without any notice lol) if this ever happens to me I always just switch servers since I don't like my farming time wasted by meaningless pvping. BDO pc is still alive. I still play and there are very nice people on there. My old guild still plays and there is over 60 of them online at the same time and they aren't even a well known guild :0 this game just isn't for you my dear. And that's ok. But asking for something that is the core of the game to be changed simply because YOU don't like it isn't fair to the people who DO like it :0 (me being one of those people lol) also I have never been attacked at a world boss yet sooo mmmmm
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