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  1. They are indeed in the game, I have Ahon Kirus for witch.
  2. Wait wait wait! Me taking a break from the game means I have no reason to be on the forums and I am trolling by being here...? You really can’t make this stuff up. Go back to crying for PvE servers please it’s what you do best, I have never seem you make a single intelligent post on this forum.
  3. I’m a troll because you don’t like what I have to say? That’s pretty funny. Show me evidence of me getting on the forums to only troll and that I have no life? If you wanna play the insult game we can play that too and really show you what a troll is. I advised you to stop playing the game based on your complaints. Knowing that it’s going to happen MULTIPLE times as the PA tries to catch xbox up with PC. You’ll be back here on the forums... literally complaining about the saaaame thing.
  4. Can you say that again without crying this time? You could always quit the game and stop supporting if you don’t like it. I haven’t played in about a 6 weeks. What I don’t understand is why you among others keep coming to the forum with this acting like it’s the first time it’s happened and typing novels about how you feel about it is going to change anything. Just quit now because there’s gonna be more to come. You’re going to have a field day when dark rifts happen.
  5. Not a clue brother, I haven’t bothered to test it. I would hope so.
  6. I should have said Hot time doesn’t stack instead of bell. It seems bell stacks with everything. Hot time stacks with what is mentioned.
  7. They will quickly realize they can’t make a tenth of mistakes they were allowed to make on striker and get away with it and that the class has a difficult learning curve. They will be back on striker in no time.
  8. That’s your opinion and you’re entitled to it but at the time that is your perspective front EU and is not true for NA servers. The market is far from dead.
  9. Musa is miles ahead of anybody else rn for farming. Don’t listen to anyone saying witchard. Musa will only continue to pull ahead with Lahn, Sorc, Ranger, and Berserker trailing behind.
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