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  1. Squirrelz


    Can I send workers to my farm on the Xbox. If so. How? I know you can on pc.
  2. Squirrelz

    Quest: material in an order

    Xbox United States. Calphion The quest material in a order is bugged. The old lady that is the quest turn in is bugged and does not appear. This is the third quest in the quest line, The Leight family of Calphion.
  3. Squirrelz

    Quest: Taming of the Tomboy

    I post what I find. Nothing more
  4. Squirrelz

    Quest: Taming of the Tomboy

    Xbox United States Calthion. Npc that is suppose to spawn to give special ham at 7:45 am. Does not spawn making it impossible to complete this quest.
  5. Xbox United States Loggia Farm The quest, Investment and Mass Production, given by Severo Loggia. At loggia Farm. Gives a quest to to invest in the potato node part. After investing and following the steps by step guide written in the text. It did not proc a finish for the quest.
  6. Squirrelz

    Quest: Honey for a Goblin Friend

    Xbox United States Alejandro farm node Start npc, Alby, give quest to get his friend some honey. To finish the quest you need to activate the node and send a worker there to get cooking honey and then give said honey to a Goblin in Heidel. The part of the quest where you activate the node to produce honey does not tick off completed when you invest in the nose or the honey part. When sending a worker there to get honey does not help. It is always incomplete.
  7. Why lock knollege behind crossroads quest. Do I have to make 3 char. Just to get all knollege?