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  1. I hope that's the problem, because for quite a while I haven't been able to login into the game. Like is a joke on itself but is getting annoying now. @Deathz Angel I haven't been to attend the events or anything since all this updates has happened with the game. Like I said is like " joke " now but is annoying.
  2. Yeah apparently I am not🙃🤷 @Daniel yes I know if done incorrectly, but whatever I filed tickets and so on. Now I'm just waiting thanks guys.
  3. @Freeman i'm facing the same thing I bought some pearls, I asked for refund with MS of course since then I haven't be able to access the game at all. They need to change that! We have the right to ask for refunds or whatever we are the ones paying.
  4. That's kinda um... Silly to be banned for that🤔😒 @Daniel
  5. Yeah @Doktar this has nothing to do with the beta, this happening on the full game. I have filed like 4 tickets no idea what's happening. I know is a banned, but for what? I do not know. I tried another Xbox live account on the same Xbox and I was able to login normally so I know this is a banned. I do not want to start! Over again. 😓
  6. Now the customer support number of Xbox or black desert? Because I have called Xbox support, all they said to me was " is a black desert issue " the reason why is a black desert issue, is because I can connect to my Xbox normally. I can play another game online. Yeah I did submit a ticket.
  7. Well I tried and still the same thing keeps happening😓 This time I took a picture of the notice.
  8. Alright thank you I'll give it a go. I'll repost and hopefully that makes it work.
  9. Alright how do I do a hard restart? Because I have rebooted my router, modem etc... Anything would be great help.
  10. Yes it seems that's what's happening. The thing is how do I unbanned myself. To be honest nothing it starts normal, then the minute I choose a server, any server it gives me a prompt saying something along the lines " can't connect, try again please "
  11. Hello, This is quite confusing and frustrating I haven't been able to connect to any servers for quite sometime now. I have no idea what's happening or what caused it but please CM or anyone who's facing the problem or frustration advise. A whole lot of grind and progress has been made, I don't want to loose them. Help! Please 😟😟 The last thing I did, bought some pearls from the Microsoft store then asked for a refund cause I bought one to many. Redeemed only one box of pearls the other is not opened then the update happened, can't login into any servers like I previously said.
  12. Wait which customer service do I need to contact? Xbox or Pearl abyss? Because I'm getting that very same error.
  13. I'm facing the same thing I haven't be able to log on either servers since the update. No idea what's going on, it sucks cause I couldn't do the world boss or anything to be honest.
  14. Hey, I can't even connect onto any servers and it seems a lot of players are facing the same thing😐
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