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  1. i think that im convinced to buy this game, im currently Enjoying the Open Beta. i guess its a good buy since it will be 30$ 🙃 instead of how xbox games usually are priced at 60$
  2. its going to be my main, that fer sure. 🙃 edit: until Mystic releases
  3. yah im choosing Boat on the Full version im assuming that its a Personality trait 🙃
  4. i have a Question, Horoscopes...i assume are Personality ?
  5. okay... im Not Impressed, but im Enjoying it. i will consider buying at 10$ and maybe at 20$ at official launch day. 🙃 as im planning to get The Division 2. edit: meant to say IF the price changes at Launch.
  6. im xbox. my client had an update. i updated it, it went from Black Desert (Beta) to Black Desert after updating it. are the servers open and start playing or what ? 🙃
  7. is there a specific time thing or is it the once its the 14th in my locale i can log in and play ? 🙃
  8. i guess this is my last chance to try it and see if it will be worth the eventual price drop on Launch at 10$ ? after playing The Division 2 PRIVATE BETA, ive lost my intrest in BD, but will consider it...if it drops to 10$ at xbox Launch.
  9. bad timing of release to be honest. as of now im Deciding between The Division 2 and Anthem. BDx officially releases world wide on the 4th of March 😓 edit: i would have considered if it was releasing this month and at a low price. but i guess not.
  10. Nashtalia


    mines gone :V they be releasing it near The Division 2. march 12th fer gold and high tier version
  11. edit: i would have consider it if they were releasing it this month i guess not and they have the nerve to charge it 30$ ? i heard the pc version is 10$ 🤢
  12. and the Fact they are releasing it near the release date of The Division 2. i kinda lost intrest and my hype fer it died 🙃
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