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  1. Thank you guys, now my indecision is for the witch or wizard. I have seen that the magician is more offensive (with the awakening) and the witch more "tank." Do you see the difference in damage and defense between one and the other? The sorceress discarded to play it. I level it to 61 on PC and, visually it is very attractive, but for me it is too difficult to play, and seeing what Wiitchcraft says, grinding beyond 56 without awakening, can be torture ...@Wiitchcraft @justfaded @maXmood @Voodoo77
  2. Hello everyone. I'm going to start playing on PS4 and the initial classes, the warrior it's the one I like the most (on PC I've Archer as main), but from what I had seen in the PC version, the warrior is useless. Another option would be to choose the Ranger, since it is the class that most assimilates to the Archer, but in PC it is also useless. As a last option, I have the Witch and the Wizard, but I find it boring to play with them, although they would be my choice if you confirm that the other two classes were useless. I put it in the XBOX forum because I understand that they will follow a similar roadmap. I don't want to reroll another class when I have been playing for 2 months 😖 (unless they introduce the Archer in a patch in this period of time 😋). I want to be effective in PVP and PVE. Thank you very much in advance!🤩
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