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  1. ZzWithePandazZ

    Worker question to Vet PC players

    Goblins are the best, its important to level up them too:)
  2. It depends on what tipe of pvp do you wanna do and how tryhard you are. If you want to be in a top tier pvp guild doing massive sieges and battles you must have a witch or wizard. But if you are in a normal guild and you want a character that can protect by himself, do small scale pvp or 1v1 warrior is a very good option.
  3. ZzWithePandazZ

    Question about traslation

    I saw this info before, but thanks NariBoss for trying to help me!!:) They said they are working on it, but what i know is that PA works slowly to make quality content. So im worried about if it takes a long time que get out in spanish. Its inportant for me, i used to understand most of the dialoges in english but its so hard when the game is that huge and complex. So if the game is translated in around a year ill wait for it, but if its translated sooner ill start playing since the beginning preparing alters untill my main is launched.
  4. ZzWithePandazZ

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Its squishy but lethal. Now a days so funny! I have an strong ninja but not the best by farπŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  5. ZzWithePandazZ

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Thnx guys!! You will be in my honorable people list so you wont be ganked;)
  6. ZzWithePandazZ

    Grinding Etiquette in BDO

    Im going to have a list where im going to write the names of every karma bomber i meet to recognize him and kill him a few times with my red main ninja! Im going to be Robin Hood hunting any dishonored person in bdx.:)
  7. ZzWithePandazZ

    Question about traslation

    Hii hi read in reedit that spanish languaje is not going to be aviable at launch. Although i am aware that i will not have specific information about this, can you tell me, any CM, if the spanish traslation its planed for soon, before half-year till launch or we are going to wait more than a year? Thanks a lot and sorry my english:)
  8. ZzWithePandazZ

    Warrior or wizard

    I have the same question and i think ill choose warrior because 1v1, both of them are so funny for me. But you konw, we will have our questions answered after playing with them a beat:)
  9. ZzWithePandazZ

    Good job translating

    Thanks for translating to spanish for the release too!! πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
  10. ZzWithePandazZ

    Did anyone else experience pop ins?

    For me, pop ins are one of the worst things of the game. I prefer to have charging screens between big zones than an open world with huge pop in. In my opinion this problem and the drawing distance breaks all the inmersion given by the graphics πŸ˜“ Its only an opinion, dont bully me to much and sorry my english
  11. ZzWithePandazZ


    Bdx is going slowly in xbox, i think it will come for de next generation to play station
  12. Im still undecided between warrior and wizard.. 😒
  13. ZzWithePandazZ


    If the kbm standarizes in consoles for playing, for me, there there's no reasons to stay in this platform.
  14. ZzWithePandazZ

    First Day of Fall

    I,ve been waiting for BDX since the first trailer, and i would be waiting whatever they want. But for me, the feelings are different.I love the game but il feel trolled. πŸ˜“πŸ˜’
  15. ZzWithePandazZ

    Black desert online p2w lol

    Yes games needs to be support, but there many and different ways, many games dont use p2w shop and they earn a lot o money. There are enough examples to think that p2w is not the only way, actually its the only way to earn huge amounts of money. So this kind of companies only shows that they prefer money than their users, thats all. They have create a good game with many people playing it, so they know that they can do whatever they want. In my case i love this game cause many reasons, but i dont like their way of supporting it and how they threat their comunity and fans. But its still a huge game that ill spend a lot of time playing to it. Sorry my englishπŸ˜“