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  1. Ofc. I can grind u close to max in a days time. I’ll send u a pm.
  2. U can now fill out the application instead of messaging me ur details. This will be quicker. Link added.
  3. ✅NA<PVX>⚔️PlusUltra Recruiting NA and AU New & Returning⚔️✅ Xbox I’ll keep this brief and get right to the point. First off by saying “Welcome to black desert Xbox.” We are a small guild still growing. Casual tight knit group of 15 very active players. We understand people who have a life outside this game and that’s why we are recruiting both casual and hardcore players. The casual players can focus on life skills while our hardcore pvp teams can take care of the nodewars and castle sieges once we get to that level. Besides nodes are limited to the number of ppl that can participate anyhow. What u can expect? Daily Payouts: You will be paid daily for being a part of our guild, and based on performance u can be paid a whole lot more. Weekly Payouts: Once sea monsters are available in game, u can expect very lucrative loot and pay. (Honestly it’s the best in the game). Discord: You do not need to speak on Discord, but it is required for organizational purposes! https://discord.gg/Y3xPRNQ Participation Requirements: You must participate in either Sea Monster hunting OR Nodewars/Siege at least once a week. Everyone chips in and the money acquired from these events will be your weekly payouts. Payouts range from 1mil to 100 mil per person. (1billion/person is only possible when Sea Monsters arrive). Experienced BDO Players: We have many PC veteran players that can give u the advice u need to get a rapid start. Stay ahead of the game. Join discord to receive a guild invite. Lifeskills: Sailing, fishing, horse breeding. PVP: War declarations, node wars, castle sieges. Code of Conduct (CoC): 1. Be polite, be professional, but kill whatever/whoever the hell you want. 2. Work as a team, we're all here to get the loot together. 3. Help on guild missions if you are on. This will increase your daily pay. 4. No Drama (being toxic) Guild Application: https://forms.gle/jJhsifmpjoAgbGqRA Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/Y3xPRNQ
  4. As difficult and complicated as it is to find a decent active guild, we are struggling also. We currently use Xbox party chat a lot but are transitioning over to discord as well which will be used to correlate with each other and always will be used during special operations such as that of node wars and sieges. A bit about us. We are a small group of about 20. Very active. Always 8-14 dudes on around the clock. We are ur average bunch that has RL jobs and love to play the game and get away from the stress in life so please don’t bring any drama however we are 420 friendly so bring all that you want long as u can hold ur ground. You can expect a little bit of every thing from high end pve to pvp and farming mobs for some decent gear. Lots of laughs and prolly picking on each other time to time. And ofc racial bigotry but it’s all in good sport. We are very diversified so expect different cultures. If ur interested just jump on discord https://discord.gg/Y3xPRNQ And we will go from there. You will only find about 3-4 dudes in discord at the moment until we get everyone transitioned over to it but this will be our priority center of communications and organizing. Look forward to meeting you. DiddyGG Gamer tag: Diddy of Merica
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