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  1. I'm looking for a guild for me and maybe my partner idk if he's going to get back into the game but I've been playing again on my 56 dk and I'm looking for a guild mainly focused on lifeskills My gt is xThexDreadWolfX
  2. I'm looking for a new guild(NA) for myself and my partner. My gs is 471{ AP: 135 , DP: 228 , Awk.AP: 108} My partner 's gs is 330{AP:121 , DP:209} He works a lot , doesn't get out until 10 some nights but has weekends off . I have a Dark Knight, Sorcerer, and a Shai, dk is the only one at level 56. I'm working on the other ones here and there, I mainly play dk. My partner, plays a Musa, musa is only at level 55, wizard,and I think he wants to create a ninja when it comes out. And I guess he also wants to make a Shai( he's focus is gathering and cooking, on his musa his cooking is in professional) I'm looking for help in pvp , but its not my focus. I'm looking for a friendly, chill , but active guild. My gt is xThexDreadWolfX.
  3. Helloo, I'm interested in joining this guild. I'm trying to find a decent well manged guild and would like to join this one, I'm mainly a sorcerer ,level 22 , family name TheAddamsFamily, name is LavinaLua. I'm trying to learn how to play the game and feel like this guild would be my best option , would love to join ^_^
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