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  1. Add me on discord peter954#2996 wanna talk to you guys
  2. <Havoc> PvP Guild created before launch and lead by PC Vets. Havoc is one of the original powerhouse guilds and still going strong. We strive to be the best and want only the best. Perks: Knowledgeable leaders Experienced shotcallers Organized and transparent Tournaments Guild bosses, quests, scrolls, buffs Training and coaching by experts Frequent node wars with castle siege on the horizon Expectations: Attend most node wars Attend most Saturday sieges Meet gear score and level requirements Be willing to help guildies Participate in wars if you are not afk Follow the guild rules outlined in our main discord Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war Achievements: ★First to take Serendia and held 2v1 the next week. ★Won the Beta Node War pre-launch Recruiting: Level 59 Witch/Wizards 450+ All other Classes 470+ Join our recruitment discord for more information. Once you are confirmed there you will receive an invite to the main guild
  3. Peter mia25


    Hi I’m interested in joining I’m lvl 57 striker my Gear score is 450 GT iceman 1I Discord Peter Mia25#2996
  4. Hi I’m interested in joining you Guys, I’m a lvl 57 striker Gs450 very dedicated player GT iceman 1I Discord Peter mia25#2996
  5. I would be interested in joining. My GT is peter mia25 , my discord name peter mia25#2996 My main is a lvl 56 and has a GS 326 Class Sorceress AP 154 DP 172
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