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  1. Still need more talented players especially witches and wizards
  2. Few useful guides for striker.
  3. Node war this Sunday keep the pms coming guys. Always looking for more witches and wizards.
  4. So it let us drop a fort today does that mean thier is node wars I've heard no news about it. But if you go to serendia 1 you can see.multiple forts on the same node Coasta farm for example
  5. I suggest getting a 5 or so hour timer on.your Xbox to shut off most processing task and workers will be stam drained and finished by this time. Personally I leave it on 24/7 my self but that will kill your Xbox faster.
  6. Never said it was a crazy good edited montage as I stated above was more a test on recording software during high server stress. Also no we wouldn't deny people zarka this was afterwards.
  7. For sure more coming was mainly a test to see how everything ran with alot going on. Zarka. Mass players etc. While recording
  8. https://youtu.be/bCzj1Zc5Yx8😛many more to come just a teaser 🔫
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