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  1. I noticed tonight it's not a description on the seals anymore so I suppose this has been fixed. I also doubt you could ever have gotten one this way (a T8) on console.
  2. It's not just a description of the seals. The NPC offers it - at least they did a month ago when I turned some seals and debated whether or not I should try getting one. I didn't actually want to pay that much for the horse though, so I didn't want to test it.
  3. I noticed that you can get a T8 by turning in Shakatu seals. I've wondered if that would actually result in an error or something. Not sure I want to try it though since it costs significantly more than a PRI Ogre ring or Dim Tree armor. And who knows if double IA is even usable given the current performance issues. I know you can't get them by breeding unless maybe the percentage is extremely tiny. I've bred several dozen T7s and never had a single T8 yet on XBox. I had many on PC.
  4. Azazel


    When first connecting, there is an alert that says: Now processing (Retrieving Server Imformation) The word "Imformation" is not spelled correctly. It should be "Information"
  5. This might explain it, thanks. I said before that I know 1.5B isn't a lot, but I was consistently in the top 3, for weeks, then in a couple days I dropped a half dozen places which says to me that something happened. The training dummy patch makes sense, that it caused people to move money out of the marketplace.
  6. I found Striker difficult to level in PVE and at 57 I started playing other classes. This class was my first character on Xbox. I played a Wizard main on PC and wanted something less squishy. The easiest to level so far that I've found is Shai. Tamer was also pretty easy in PVE. I don't do PVP.
  7. Hmm doesn't explain why it would change in 2-3 days though.
  8. I have been running with 1st or 2nd wealth rank for the past month. Every once in a while it drops to 3rd or 4th if some rich players log onto the same channel. I don't have a ton of cash, but it's around 1.5B currently. Just in the past few days, starting around Jan 16th I've suddenly dropped to 6th or 8th rank and it stays there. This doesn't bother me, but it does kind of surprise me. I was wondering what happened to suddenly have so much $$ flow into player's accounts. Any ideas?
  9. Tried a training manual yesterday. While pretty heavily buffed with exp bonuses I got exactly 3.032% experience in level 58 in one hour. Looks like exp runs in 3 minute increments, in other words it's not continuous like it is when you are grinding mobs. I imagine that a more typical rate would be 1.5-2% of level 58 exp per hour if you were running overnight on a 10 hour training manual, meaning that you could perhaps level from 58.0 to 59.0 in five nights at a cost of 50 million, assuming no disconnects (which for me would be a lot to assume). Still, that's not bad imho, especially if you find grinding really boring.
  10. Here is a screenshot showing that I've completed the other quests.
  11. I have completed all the farming quests except this one, which I can't seem to obtain. The NPC (Lucy Benkum) won't give it to me. My farming level is Master 1, which - if I am calculating correctly - is level 51. That should be high enough. What am I missing here? Beginner 1-10 Apprentice 11-20 Skilled 21-30 Professional 31-40 Artisan 41-50 Master 51-80
  12. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=2990&category=0 I haven't tried the training dummies yet myself. A million an hour seems kind of pricey, but it depends how much of a level you get. I mean, I guess I could grind for an hour and get 10 million then afk for 10 hours and spend the 10 million. I wonder if you get disconnected how the timer would work. "We have added training dummies to Black Desert. By purchasing a training manual from Jamie Drucker, you will be able to spend a varying amount of time honing your skills on non-moving targets. These training manuals cost silver to purchase, and are available in Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova and Valencia. Once you have the manual, head to the training dummies and press △ to begin the training. When using the Training Manual, you will be able to gain Combat and Skill EXP at a significantly lower rate than fighting monsters, however the EXP you gain will still be subject to other Combat EXP buffs such as Golden Bells, Hot Time Events, Milk Tea, Scrolls."
  13. I'd like to know this too but currently I don't think it's possible. Another option I'd love to see is the ability to move text around to other locations on the screen. This can be done easily in the PC version. It's quite common for me to be watching something important in the middle of the screen when suddenly some idiotic announcement comes in and covers it up. I can't turn it off and i can't move it somewhere else. They need to fix this. I really don't care that so and so opened a box and got a crescent ring.
  14. I've never seen a wild T5, but I no longer catch horses, I'm just breeding and selling T7s. I tried to quit, but it turns out they hooked me with the ranking. I am now interested in keeping my #1 ranking. The rift bosses are also kind of fun to defeat and I am averaging about 20M per boss on the loot. I am also farming and hold a top 10 there. I haven't counted how many special strawberries I have stored waiting for alchemy stones. I also have a ton of farming by products if they ever implement T9s. What I'd really like to figure out next is how training exp works. I know catching one horse is equivalent training exp to leveling a horse several levels, but I don't understand how many points you get (for example) leveling a T7 from 29 to 30 vs. leveling a T1 from 1 to 2. Leveling the T7s up for breeding and sale is a slow process and training exp just creeps along at Artisan 3 level a percentage point or two per day. I did take four T3/T4s that I had stored and leveled them up to 15 for imperial horse trading and that seemed to give me more training exp than I would have gotten from continuing to level T7s.
  15. It's been 7 months. Patience is one thing, infinite patience is another. They are taking my $$ and time and not returning enough of what I want in the game. At least on the PC version I could minimize the game and play it AFK while I did other things on the computer. Not possible on Xbox. They did add ranking I see, and I'm #1 trainer on the server (Artisan 3) which is a little satisfying to see. I need something to stay interested though, and it's not happening.
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