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  1. I just thought I'd provide a suggestion for people playing BDO with connection issues, who are forced to use wireless because they can't plug their Xbox directly into an Ethernet port. It's a little pricey but try this: https://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-Wi-Fi-Range-Extender-EX7500/dp/B0762QT7S6/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=netgear+wifi+mesh+range+extender&qid=1593454857&s=electronics&sr=1-6 I have a really strong wireless signal from my mesh network, but I was still having a lot of connection issues (frequent de-sync, lag, and dropped game connections). I decided to try plugging into a wireless extender and after a month of using it, I am going to say that it's just about resolved most network issues.
  2. @CM_Valtarra I'm not sure that this is understood. I'll try to restate. - Training experience is something a character gets when a horse they are riding levels. - In a 4 horse wagon, horses level 4 times slower than riding a single horse. The player needs to get the same amount of training experience when a horse levels in a wagon because it happens 4 times slower. But the BDO code divides it by four. This is incorrect. Simply put, if you put 4 horses in a wagon and ride them around for 24 hours, you will get 4 times less training experience than if you ride a single horse around for 24 hours. This should not be happening.
  3. I have an Xbox One X and the game plays with some stutters and a few crashes. If I were to AFK ride my horse from Epheria to Altinova, I would guess that the game will stutter for 1-2 seconds about 3-4 times during that trip. I just live with it.
  4. This is kinda a bug. It shouldn't be so easy to buy $4B worth of anything. The UI auto-populates the number for you, it's not something you type in.
  5. Azazel


    That's depressing. I quit playing BDO on PC after about 50 attempts at a dream horse. I did nothing but this for about 2 months to no avail.
  6. My bad. You're right I almost certainly had my buff run out. I forgot I even had used it.
  7. Uhm.. why was the storage function cut in HALF during the last patch? <deleted my rant here. My Kama buff ran out is why the maid doesn't transfer as much now.>
  8. I did the calculations precisely when I was playing the PC version of the game. There is an advantage to training horses in a 4 horse wagon in terms of leveling up the horses. But it is not a lot. It takes about the same time to level 4 horses in a wagon as it does to level 3 horses riding them individually. But what my bug post is saying is that if you were to ride the 3 horses, you'd get about 3 times as much training exp as leveling the 4 horses in a wagon. This is a huge inequity and isn't calculated right.
  9. The amount of training experience awarded when running horses in a wagon does not appear to be calculated correctly. I have only tested this for a 4-horse wagon. With a 4 horse wagon, the amount of experience gained by each horse individually when covering a given distance is just under 4 times less than the amount gained by a single horse and rider. This is expected, so that when you add up the total experience gained by the four horses attached to a wagon it is about the same as the one horse being ridden. However, when looking a training exp there is a huge difference because when a horse levels up while attached to a wagon, the training exp is also divided by four. This means that if you are training horses with a wagon, you have to wait 4 times longer to get 4 levels, but each level is worth 1/4 as much. Therefore, you are waiting 4 times longer to get 4x(1/4) =1 level worth of training exp. I hope this makes sense. If you examine the math closely you'll see what I mean. For example, let's say that you are training horses from level 1 to 2. For a single horse with rider, let's say the distance required for the horse to level is 100. For a 4 horse wagon the distance is 400 for each horse to level up from 1 to 2 because the distance is divided 4 ways. If the speed of the single horse and the speed of the wagon are the same, then the time taken to level up is 4 times longer for the wagon. Note: I realize that generally horses run faster than wagons, and that the experience gained by a horse attached to a 4-horse wagon isn't exactly 1/4 as much as a single horse being ridden, but these numbers are fairly close. I've actually worked it out and the total exp gained by horses attached to a wagon is greater per unit of time than the exp gained by a single horse being ridden. So if you are going to try to get 4 horses leveled up fully, the most efficient way to do that is with a 4-horse wagon. But you can't do that if you want to also gain training exp, because the training exp isn't calculated properly. Let's say that when the single horse with rider hits level 2, the rider gains training experience equivalent to 0.12% of a training level. This is about what one would get for a T6 horse at a high artisan training level, with some buffs in place. When one horse on the wagon levels, the horse trainer gets 0.03% of a level. This occurs 4 times so the total experience gained is 0.12%, the same as that gained when riding a single horse. But the problem here is that it takes 4 times longer to get the exact same amount of training experience with a wagon. The trainer really should get the full amount of training exp for each horse attached to the wagon, rather than it being divided by 4.
  10. +1 just trying to communicate in guildchat is nearly impossible
  11. Thanks I will try doing more quests in the chain mentioned there, but I already completed the previous quest, farming level 47.
  12. I agree with this, but also sympathize with the admins running these servers. I used to monitor servers myself for a service that had to be up 100% of the time. We didn't have any 'down time' for patching or maintenance. It wasn't possible. If the service was offline, we were in deep shinola. Due to the (stateful) nature of the connection from client to server I imagine that load balancing is challenging, since a session lasts for hours or even days once connected. In other words, you can't switch someone over from a server that's having trouble to a server that is healthy without disconnecting them. That said, it's probably not a big deal to disconnect someone if the server is having issues. But... there is the issue of server identity too and the population of players on a particular server. You can't just take one player and pop them onto another server, the entire population of that server must disconnected and reconnected. It gets a little complex. Still, it seems like service health could be monitored more closely and resources on standby used to mitigate some issues. Or perhaps just beef up the servers so they aren't running in the red quite so much.
  13. Hello? Can someone please tell me what the requirements are to get this quest? I'm master 3 now in farming and I still can't get the quest.
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