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  1. Some of the prices of the central market are blocked. Grunil, liverto, kazarka and much more don't goes up. I'm doing failstacks with grunil becouse they are 120.000 in central market, liverto is 8.2m worth with lots of preordrs and price don't rise, got 2 liverto on the bank but don't want to sell then at such luw price. Any clue abaut when this items will be unblocked?
  2. I purchased ultimate version because I wanted to play a Musa with shudad out, saw fotos on internet and it looks amazing. I played a mage 1st week since Musa wasn't on first characters, today I started to play a musa and my surprise when I was unable to open the shudad set, later there was a mini patch and Pearl Abys changed the tool tip from the set and now it say "exclusive warrior, ranger, sorceress, berserker, wizard, witch. The signature set I used on the witch because I had the amazing shudad for my Musa. Now again I'm disappointed with this, it's a unique outfit I can't use, I bought that 90€ ultimate version just for shudad.
  3. Today I started to play Musa, I had lots of materials and a Liverto. I failed from DUO to TRI with cron stones with 42 fail stacks 13 times. It made me sick and I'm so depressed, I'm thinking abaut playing this game, it's not a fun game. 32,5% success chance and 13 times failed. I don't think this % chance is working. Be aware abaut this game, it can make you sick.
  4. U mean it's actually unavailable? Its content of future patch? Thks for answer that fast.
  5. I'm new in BDo and I'm a bit lost. I crafted a lot of cooking recipes, in internet I saw that they are trade crates with these coock recipes. Where I can make food crates? I saw factory to make crops crates. Fish crates, ore crates. But no food crates.
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