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  1. The price will go down. There’s a bunch of people preordering max bid causing the price to rise .
  2. Thank you for coming here and giving your thanks. It’s helps a lot more then people think.
  3. Be patient :) patience is virtue. All classes will be released soon.
  4. A simple solution until addressed. When frozen immediately press start to make your hot bar reappear and unfreeze you
  5. Try adding items to your storage to free space . then click your left stick to sort the inventory. Store those items then withdraw the same items to reset its position. If you really need them. That should fix your issue, as I has the same problem.
  6. This is common and normal. Nothing is wrong with your Xbox. This happens when you play the game for a really long time and you do not restart it. ( it is when your Xbox’s Ram is running low and you need to clear it. Nothing to do with storage .) To to fix this; Close your game, power off your Xbox and wait 30 seconds. Unplug the power cord then hold the power button for five seconds. Turn the Xbox on and launch your game and enjoy your game play
  7. Are you trying to use an ability that is hotkeyed ? If so it can’t be used if it was upgraded and never replaced on your wheel.
  8. Of course. Keep up the good work! Thank you guys! edit: the new performance settings are golden!
  9. Let’s take a moment to give our thanks to everybody involved in the games progression, including the community. I am very happy and thankful for all the hard work PA is doing. Keep the up the good work!! Couldn’t ask for a better game. Your Friend, Crownly
  10. Don’t worry everyone. Everything will be perfectly fine in time. Be patient.
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