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  1. Hieraphant it looks like they have decided to not add the platoon feature you speculated about, so I'm gonna bump this post.
  2. Atreuss this quest is in the game I have finished it. It sends you to Hexe where you have to interact with some tomes and cauldrons to complete it.
  3. Teamsters is a new player friendly guild. We are currently recruiting for both PVE/PVP. We have some members who only life skill so that isn't a problem either. We do boss runs and guild missions several times a week. Below is our website that has more information about the guild as well as a discord link. We do not allow any PK'ers in the guild and we like to rid the world of BDO of reds when we can. https://sh184172.wixsite.com/teamsters
  4. We need the ability to form Raid Parties that consist of more than 5 Players. This feature not being in the game limits the gameplay of guilds as well as those who want to form big parties to kill Tougher enemies together. Also please implement a feature to turn off my character's floating health bar as well as the duplicate health bar on the side of the screen when I am in a party.
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