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  1. Everytime i go to switch characters i am just infinitly loading is anyone else having these issues?
  2. Ok so i should just submit a ticket cause im not getting my bs to trigger my offhand at all like u said ive done everything ive could and im still not getting it
  3. 56 and all my black spirit quest arw complete ive been told go to calpheon and open bs. Nothing ive even purchased another set of the dagger and armor and still nothing
  4. So here we are people have this dagger upgraded and i still do not recieve the quest whats going on here my friend assured me its in the game but my black spirit isnt doing anything . i have zero quest in my main tab where doea thisquest pop up at?
  5. But i finished everything and still no quest for my dagger or armor
  6. So when i make a new character theres quest on her or him for up to lvl 58 or so and i strickly do not remember doing them on my main but yet theres no quest for the main story in the "main" tab i also have zero quest in my main tab on my main but yet to have upgrade my dim armor or dagger my black spirit does not give it to me and i have no more progression thru my story but on my alts theres so many missions that i see i have not recieved on my main . please someone help me is my game messed up or what is going on here? I was told i get 2 asula rings from the main quest and only received one i feel like i am definitely missing quest on my main please help. My gamer tag is VV0rdupp ....thats 2 v's and a zero. Thanks ahead
  7. So i have no navigation for this quest and im pretty sure i need to talk to the guy in the cage at sarma outpost but there no option to i have no idea where this questline is going uf im wrong and hes not the guy in the cage please help im stuuuuck
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