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  1. Yes, exactly, and now they have reinstated my account so I obvs didnt break TOS like this baffoon is saying I did. I have blocked him now thankfully, but wanted to reassure anybody who did the same as me, that the ban was obvs a mistake and plebs like him dont know what they are on about. People coming here will gather misinformation from people like that, and may deter others from pursuing their case. Here is the GM response to my ticket: qalivetest_27 Replied Date : 04.05.2019 14:34 Greetings Adventurer, This is GM Cadry from the Black Desert Xbox Team and I'll be assisting you with your concern. Thank you for contacting us. We understand that you are having issues accessing your account. I apologize for the inconvenience that you have experienced. Upon checking, it appears in our side that you have refunded the " Base Game " package due to the reason you want to get the " Standard Edition " instead. Please be informed that we have already looked into this matter and the sanction given to your account has already been retracted. You may now log in and continue your journey. If the problem still persists and you still cannot access the game, please do contact us immediately. Sincerely, GM Cadry. Black Desert Xbox Team.
  2. people arent reading the op, and are stupid. I clearly stated i spent more money to upgrade from 7.99 to 23.99, and the refund was for the 7.99 version. I can now log in to my game, so they must have realised their mistake.
  3. The guy you are quoting just doesnt understand the situation, and is making himself look like a tool. He hasnt even read the op lol I can log into the game now, so they must have realised their mistake
  4. Here's 3 for starters, but there are loads, its almost like these guys are a scam company. Its just a shame their game is so damn good, otherwise I would be happy to just get a refund and move the hell on. The fact you have people defending them makes it worse. Any other decent company, if they were getting bad press on twitter, reddit, facebook etc, would be keen to do something to save face. These lot dont care how they look to the public, which says it all really. They cant even have the decency to post in their own forum ffs. The common theme is, NOBODY is being helped. Not a good sign, and people like Mr Optimism up there are blind to how extortionate this company are. Anyway, I'm out from this forum, cant do anymore now. Peace, hope you all get sorted.
  5. Keep kidding yourself. Just check the reddits, other forums etc, these guys are a law unto themselves. I am giving it until the end of today and then I'm done with this **** company. MS have agreed to refund me as they have said this is not fair treatment, so at least they dont get to keep my money. I just feel for people who spent money on pearls, it is literally robbery. The worrying thing is so many people dont understand the situation and actually suppport the company in what they are doing, the world is a funny place these days.
  6. Keep posting to their Twitter. The more public this is, the more chance they will do something. POst on their facebook as well, they have over 130k followers on there, that might move them into responding to their loyal loving customers I have lost 2 days on the 30 day value pack I PAID FOR lol....these guys really dont give a damn about their players.
  7. I sent them this, but nothing so far, and others get 3 replies in a day, its just erratic
  8. Yes mate, I have done this but they dont respond to the tickets so far.
  9. You are wrong, want me to post the manuscript from Xbox live chat? I cant rebuy the 7.99 version (which is what i need to do to get unbanned) because it says I already own it due to having the 23.99 version. You dont know what you are talking about, but I am glad you got it sorted and can enjoy the game again. MS have confirmed this is because the license is shared between the 2 versions. I dont know what is so difficult to understand. Also, you had 3 tickets answered in one day, I havent had one answered in 2 weeks, seems its luck of the draw. You havent even read the post correctly so I wont dignify this any further.
  10. You cant rebuy the game, as on Xbox the licenses are merged. I cannot rebuy the 7.99 version as I own the 23.99 version. Their ticket system is useless. Pathetic company practices. Even Microsoft support cannot understand their thinking on banning an UPGRADE, and that says a lot. Give up hope, they took your money.
  11. How anti consumer of you. Is this forum full of employees who work for this lot or something? I actually got a response from their twitter page, and even they arent as unreasonable as half the members of this forum.
  12. I would have done that as well, but the way they do business you cant trust them. I know there are fanboys on here who defend this scummy business model, but its disgraceful that they dont even look into their cases. This isnt anything to do with wanting a refund (as that other guy said) it is that i UPGRADED the game and they banned me because MS refunded the base cost of the game due me buying a more expensive version. People on Reddit have tried to rebuy the game and it doesnt reactivate your account, so they just rob MORE money from you if you do that. On top of that you have an MMO with nonexistent support and a heavily monetised game, rip off merchants.
  13. Can you read? I bought the game twice.... I'm not messing around with a company like this, bollocks to them. I got a refund for the whole of both purchases, as good as this game is these guys can screw themselves
  14. That is outrageous. I am fuming about this and I didnt even buy any pearls. I feel for you man. I know it wont do anything butI am letting Trading Standards know about this, because it feels like robbery to me.
  15. There is no way of contacting them that actually gets a response either, I would happily buy both versions to be able to play, but I cant even do that!
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