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  1. You can have the same character name as your family name. In the game above your character as well as others it will display: <Guild> Title Family name Character name
  2. It's gonna be the same as Xbox, I'm not sure why anyone would think they're gonna release all their content at once. The progression is going to be gated behind patches, otherwise they would be making a lot of areas and items obsolete.
  3. Even if you did get an official reply the answer would be no otherwise they would be encouraging you to play in a blocked region. Just buy the standard edition of the game and if it doesn't work you can refund it.
  4. Nodes were an issue on PC too. Personally, with a level 8 node at nagas, I've also noticed what seems like a definite decrease in items like rocaba gloves and ancient scrolls the higher I raise the node. I can't speak of Serap's though, it seems like I get a drop every four to five hours on average. I don't think it's possible to make a definitive statement however because both of our evidence is anecdotal.
  5. Just because it's a player rule doesn't mean it's inconsequential. In Everquest there wasn't a rule against "training" (leading a group of mobs to aggro another player) other people, but you sure looked like a dickhead if you did. All good MMO communities have a way of policing themselves.
  6. There's some truth to this, but in the meantime I would imagine the people with PEN gear would group up which consolidates their power.
  7. "HEY I WASN'T ASKING FOR UNSOLICITED ADVICE, I'M R-REALLY GOOD AT THIS GAME." A good alternative, but a little excessive in expecting the average player could or would want to take the time to do this. Project harder, bro. He explained an unspoken rule and apparently you're offended enough to mock him.
  8. I was being sarcastic you absolute mong.
  9. If the devs don't add PVE servers and fix the toxic chat this four year old, multi-region, billion dollar grossing game is FINISHED!
  10. A company whose grossed a billion in sales probably has a team of specialists who already determined this is the most profitable model, it would be disingenuous to assume otherwise.
  11. Refer to my first post turbo nerd. Pretty simple. "It's not a debate, the game is P2W but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable still."
  12. Nope. Some of the community, including you, is collectively in denial. A game is considered pay to win if it offers items and benefits beyond cosmetics purchasable in a cash shop, at least that was the definition until part of the MMORPG community attempted to move the goal post. In the PC version people with a family fame of over 2501 can sell an additional thirty pearl items on top of the five they can already list each week. With billions of silver on a weekly basis you can buy the many available pieces of TET gear off the marketplace and start saving for the few PEN items that get listed.
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